Another resuable nappy question

Sorry, there seems have been loads of questions about resuable nappy questions in the last few days!

Anyway, Im thinking of changing to these, LO is nearly 4 months and im sick of his disposibles leaking! After reading all your lovely posts on here about resuables, Ive decided to give it a go.

My question is what do you need to take out with you in the changing bag? Will it all fit?

Im thinking of getting the bumgenius birth to potty kit - would you recommend this?



  • Thanks Sugarpuff.

    Another few questions -
    DS's poos can stink sometime, if he poos while we are out, will I still be able to smell it in the wet bag? and is there anything i can do to help this.

    Do I need boosters and liners with a pocket nappy?

    and now ive nearly got my head around the nappies, its on to wipes... what do i need, and what about when im out and about.

  • I fit all mine in fine - I don't have a 'change bag', just a massive black leather shoulder bag that I use for all the child related crap I cart around with me! DD is nearly 4 and is sadly in disposables as she outgrew all her cloth, so I have her nappies plus DS' nappies plus wipes and solution plus changes of clothes for DS plus all manner of other rubbish and it all about fits! If I am out for a full day I do sometimes stash a few extra in the car but rarely need them.

    I have never b een able to smell the nappies once they are in the wetbag. I use a roll-top one designed for outdoor pursuits (it's actually a 'drybag' but works as well keeping wetness in as out!) and it's fab and very compact.

    You may need additional boosters in the pocket nappy if your DS is a heavy wetter but you can prestuff them before you go out, you wouldn't need to carry loose boosters. Liners, it's up to you, but most pockets are fleece or minkee lined which provides a staydry layer, and personally I never bother.

    Wipes - I have a wide selection of cloth wipes acquired over the last 4 years, I take them out in a little bag. I also carry a bottle of foaming diaper wipe solution which I puff onto the wipe before using it. Cheeky wipes are supposed to be very good too.
  • One alternative to the bumgenius is the new bg flip system. I've had 3 for the past month to supplement my bg v3's and find they are great. The don't have a pocket so you just put the boosters onto the outer wrapper, (which you use up to 3 times before washing), and they also do disposible pads which are great for going out as you don't have as much to carry around. They also are bigger so fit the older babes a lot better at the bigger weights, or take more padding for doing overnight. (I have never been able to use a standard bg overnight as it's always leaked, but then so has every nappy I've ever tried apart from the bg flip with closer bamboo night time booster with 2 additional inserts!!!!!)

    Liners are good as it's a useful way of getting rid of poo etc without having to wipe so much off the nappy - they also tend to get less stained this way too.

    Check out the cheeky wipes as even if you don't get the wipes, they do a really good travel kit which is a clean bag and a dirty's bag.The dirty bag is great as it has a mesh inner which unzips from the main outer so you can stick the mess bag straight in the wash without having to unload wipes from it.
  • I have the bg v3, flips and close parent pop ins (dream dri for day, original bamboo for night) and now we've got the hang of them they are pretty much leak proof. I only use additional boosters at night but do use fleece liners in all the nappies-i just bought a v cheap blanket from asda and its made about 40 liners which is more than sufficient. If I know he's going to have a dirty nappy I try and put in a flushable liner. I have a pink lining bag and I can fit 3 nappies and a flip insert in as well as change of clothes and toys etc although it is a tight fit. I have a few wetbags and once they've got a nappy in I attach it to my change bag or if out with pram in the basket. Never yet had any smells!
    Finally I also have cheeky wipes, I just got the set with one tub and a mini wetbag as put the dirty ones in with nappies. I rarely use disposable wipes but as I also have about a zillion packs from being far too prepared when pregnant I'll probably just use them when we start weaning!
  • I have a pink lining bag too so thats good to know chubs113!

    So can I just use any fleece for liners? I have loads of fleece blankets that i dont use (went through a crazy stage of buying blankets in the last few weeks of PG and now lo sleeps in sleeping bags)

    I dreamt about nappies last night, I have a feeling this is a slippery slope to addiction!!

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  • Ive ordered my nappies!! I am sooooo excited!
    Got some BGv3 and coolababys to try. Then going to add others to my collection over time!
    Cant wait till they are delivered!
  • add some wee notions!!!!! lol

    mrs setters told me about them and i'm bloody addicted now. however i decided all LOs child benefit would be spent exclusively on toys, 'posh' clothes, or anything she took a fancy to really (for now...this wont continue into a 'get anything she wants' as she gets older! lol) so i think a few custom nappies fit that bill hehehe off to finish designing my new one image
  • Don't forget it takes quite a few washes before the nappies are up to full absorbency power! - don't want you to be put off
  • Ive just ordered a wee notions one! Id seen a post about them on here a while ago and fell in love, its taken me 2 days to decide what to get! I cant wait to see it!!!!

    Thanks mybutler, about how many washes do you think it takes, im planning on washing them a few times before using them. They cant be any worse than disposables! Im sick of them now.
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