When to change from pram to stroller

My little one is 17 weeks today. He seems to be getting bored lying down when we're out. We've got a bugaboo chameleon and I'm wondering when I should put it into stroller mode. Do I need to wait till he can sit up unaided? The stroller doesn't lie completely flat.


  • Hi, He would need to be reasonably reclines still. They recommend when they can hold their heads up well. We started to use it when James had passed 3 months. xx
  • Sam was around the 3/4 month mark, purely because he grew out of carrycot. I still lay him back as far as possible, but it wasn't quite flat. I think it depends on the baby, and if your LO looks comfy, supported in the pushchair mode then have a go. x
  • Hi there hun, we've got the same and I switched Ryan at 14/15weeks as he was getting so frustrated in the pram, think a combination of not being able to see what was going on and getting switched xx
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