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any lo's with allergies?

dont know if paige has one or doctors with her on tuesday (ffs got another 4 days with my poor baby in agony).....well it started yesterday afternoon, walking home from my parents, she started screaming uncontrollably, my dh had to come pick us up in the street......when i got her home her eyes inside and out were bright red, watering and they became so swollen that she played and had a bath with her eyes shut, i even tried bathing them with boiled cooled water which she screamed at......anyway i gave her some calpol and she finally went off to sleep about 7.30 and slept til 6......but it struck me that it was a bit like hayfever symptoms (she has had a cough for a couple of weeks and now has a runny nose too), thought i'd see what she was like this morning.......well she was fine and then this afternoon while at my parents my mum was cutting the grass and off her eyes went again, i phoned the docs to get an appointment and was told i couldnt get one til tuesday and the gp said that it is highly unlikely that a child so young (9months) could have hayfever, well after the grass had been cut her eyes calmed down and then i thought (wicked i know) i'd sit her on the grass to play and see what happened, and hey presto agaion they started.........If its not hayfever any ideas? anyone elses lo's got the same problem?:cry: my poor baby i just want to cuddle her protect her and make it all better


  • I googled it and one site said although it is uncommon it can happen.
    Sounds like it to me from the symptoms.
    I would be tempted to call NHS direct or take her to A & E if it happens over the weekend, you seem to get things moving quicker and a bit more help.
    Must admit my surgery sees babies the same day rather than having to wait which is really good.
    Good luck and let us know the outcome.
  • thanks fo rthat sillymoo....i did search the nhs direct but it said its common in teens and adults
  • How old is lo. I ended up in a&e other day the same (lo 4 months and hv sent us there). As so young couldn't do anuthing for him but the doc said it very uncommon to suffer so severe at such a young age but he said it was hayfever. I'm investing in sm baby sunglasses to see if that makes a diff cause the poor little thing was in so much pain.
  • hi becci paige is 9 months next week....did your lo have the same symptoms?....i know hayfever, eczema and asthma is all linked and can be hereditory, i suffered asthma as a baby, eczema all my life since and hayfever in my eldest suffered asthma as a child, my middle 1 has eczema and now this with paige......theres no hope for my baby glasses???? never heard of them, if it continues i may have to get some and try them out....where do you get them?
  • If you go on the dec 07 mum's forum and the post my poor little man there are some sights listed on there.

    Yeah same symptoms eyes looked so sore. I also suffered asthma as a child - no eczema but oh suffers really bad with hay fever.

    The doc at hospital said they hadn't seen a child so young with such severe symptoms but the advice they gave me was to keep him indoors!!!! very helpful. I've just been trying to bathe his eyes been a lot better today tho.
  • ok cheers for that becci
  • my lo is 9 months and she has just been diagnosed with hayfever and is on anti histamines.. her symptoms sound just like ur lo. red wattery eyes,runny nose and a cough.. id take her docs 4 anti histamines.. xx
  • Hiya Lewis has the same but its all my fault, i let him play on the grass, he is coughing really badly a dry bark thast so annoying for him his nose is constantly running and his eyes are filled with green gunge! phoned nhs 24 last night and asked if it was ok to give him antihestamine ( i had in the house from a couple of month ago when he took an allergic reaction to penicillin) she said that it wouldn't harm him as he has had it before but she said that it was probably not hayfever - looks like it to me, she said that he had probably got an infection from the grass (is that not hayfever lol) so i had to bathe his eyes and give him calpol! i ignored the lot, bad mother, Lewis goes hyper with calpol so he got 1.25ml of pirriton and 2.5 mls of his nurofen, didn't help the cough but he slept ok - this morning his eyes were all gungy again, his faced was covered in dried up bogies and he couldn't stop coughing so took him to the chemist and she said it looks like a bad cold brought on by the nice weather (why cant they just admit that its hayfever) she gave him optrex eyedrops to be applied 4 times a day, saline solution, stick it up his bum lol (for all the good it is lol), give him his nurofen and he got some simple linctus for his cough, he seems a bit better already!

  • lara i was looking on the net about hayfever and grass allergies etc and i read that you can get food allergies through grass allergies??? melons, tomatoes and something that right?

    well i took paige into town today shopping and while we were out her eyes started up again so i popped her into boots and showe dthe pharmacists i told her about all the symptoms and she said that it definately sounds like and looks like it is hayfever but that there is nothing that can be bought over the counter for it for a baby under one, and that paige would need to see the gp....she advised me to use saline drops to clear her nose and to put bowls of water around the house to keep the air moist
  • my little boy developed a blodshot eye last sept and after a few phon call to the eye hospital and them refussing to see us i insisted, so after a week of it getting worse and spreadin to both eyes we finally got seen. there a&e treated us with drops that didnt work and really stang him then when we saw a consaltant a few days later they said it was definatly an allergy as they could see the alergen (sp?) spaws in his eyes. he was treated for a few months and still isnt 100% now but all they can dois put it down to pollutants in the air. apparently its common at that time of year and we willhave to see if it happens again. it was hell trying to get the drops in coz he was 2 1/2. im dreading it happening again, the not knoeing what caused it is really fustrating to.

  • i have hayfever myself and was told babies dont get hayfever but since the nice weather my lo has been constantly snotty and snuffly and sneezing a lot, just like me.Obviously babies can get hayfever as clearly so many of our babies have these symptoms. He also has eczma too but touch wood that doesnt seem to have been irritated by it too much.
  • When we were at hospital the doc said it was uncommon for babies to suffer with it but he was convinced it was def hayfever.
  • well we've just got home from the doctors and she definately has hayfever and he cant give her anything for it other than eye drops, she also has amoxcycillin as she has a ches tinfection to top it off :cry:
  • awww poor thing. It's awful not being able to give them anything isn't it.
    I've ordered some sunglasses and been putting vaseline under his nose. (someone suggested it to keep the pollen out) and he's been a lot better. Eyes still a little sore and itchy but nothing near what they were like last week.

    Hope the eyedrops help x
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