Does anyone have Mamas and Papas Sola?

Hi everyone G/C from ttc.

We are ttc no 3 and have snealily started having a look at prams!! early iknow, but its a hobbie lol!

I absolutely love th SOLA, any ohter prams i look just cant compare...but, as we have a boy and a girl, we think we would not like to find out the sex this time so it a surprise!!

im thinking o cant use the orchid one for a boy? and cant use the grass/green one for a girl??

if it came to it id rather put a girl in the grass/green one...what have you all got ...are they both classed as unisex colours??



  • i have the sola in orchard and love it! i think it works for either sex. id rather had purple for a boy than green for a girl. plus by the time you need it, they may have more colours out.
  • I've just ordered the black one, it comes out in Sept but as I ordered the pram top too they have got me one of these to have at home now as that's all I'll be using in the first few months. It's definately unisex, it's all black bar the inside of the hood which has a pattern and there is a slight pattern on the straps of the pushchair part.

    It is also 'apparently' (I haven't seen the pics but have heard about it) out in Toffee xx
  • I don't have the Sola but I have the Luna which is similar and I have it in cress (lime green) - have to say I love it! It's so easy to steer and manouvre around - and the colour gets loads of compliments as it stands out so much. My lo is a girl but the friend that loaned it to me had a boy so it's pretty unisex really!

  • aw thanks everyone, good to hear form those who have it! i am SO excited that it is coming out in black!! well, lets just hope i get preg soon then lol

    i also have 5yr old and a just turned 2 yr old, ai was tempted to just get it now and let him get a little use out of it i love it so much! dont think dh woudl like that tho xx
  • I have a sola in green for my little boy. I wanted the purple but hubby said it looked too girly for him!
    It is a fab pram though in either colour (the fact that it's a funky colour was a winner for me, everyone comments on it). I love it image
  • We have the Sola in Orchid, we didn't know what we were having, but they did say that we could swap it to the green one if we ended up with a boy and we wanted to do that, luckily our gut feeling that we were having a girl was right!

    Having said that, if we have another and he's a boy, he's going to have to go in it! I'll just have to dress him in really macho outfits LOL

    We love the Sola though, really pleased with it.
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