Hi Ladies,

Has anyone used Cow & Gate milk from 6 months when weaning, My lo has been on food for a few weeks cause milk want enough for her and she has been on normal milk for hungrier babies but then in boots yesterday i saw this milk which is used when weaning? Shall i just change the milk over or carry on using the hungrier baby milk im confused.

Louise & Lexi-Mai xxx


  • You can use Stage 1 milk and hungry baby milk up until they are 1 (and then move on to cows milk). You don't have to change.
    The 6+ milk contains more vitamins & minerals in it as you give less milk after they are 6 months. It can make some lo's constipated though as it contains extra iron.

    I changed to this milk when my lo 6+ months but mainly cos she is fussy with her milk and will not drink a lot. It's entirely up to you if you change.
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