third lot if injections

Hiya girlies

Has everyones baby had to have 3 jabs on the third lot? Grace is due for hers tomorrow (should have been earlier but she was i'll on last appointment) and i'm dreading it. Was told off the nurse at the last lot that she will have 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. I'm gonna be wanting to shoot her when she's done. lol. One is enough to see your baby go through but 3!!

Did yours have 3 too? how were they after?

Lisa xxx


  • I actually can't remember. She's 13 months now so a few months ago and I can't look in the red book cos it's in the nursery and don't want to wake her.
    She had her mmr today + another booster so 2 jabs -- it isn't nice is it! I'm sure another mum on here will remember the 3 jabs, I blame it on baby brain!!
  • David was fine, absolutely no reaction except a scream for 5 seconds, then a smile, he was totally fine, no temperature or anything image
  • i think it must be a new one because my son is 4 and he only had 2 for the first 3 sets.

    Sando by the sounds of David today he must be a lil super star and not feel a thing. Proper lil tough one him. lol. Grace is the queen of drama queens and only has to get the wind in her wispy hair and she's on one so no doubt she will blow the roof off tomorrow. lol.

    Glad all went well with David. All that worrying you did too for him to sleep right through it. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • cheers, bless Grace hope she doesnt cause too much of a scene, or be in too much pain bless her. Davids got to be a tough not, all hes been through bless him, bet number 2 will be a total pansy compared, like their Mum, I think I make more fuss about injections, bloods and canulas than him lol!!
  • you'll definatly get one thats a screamer next, never get 2 the same unless both are pains in the ass. lol. Ethan was a star. Didn't even know i'd got him sometimes but Grace's entrance to the world woke every baby up in the hospital. lol. Proper girl this one. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Both my two (Millie is 2 1/2) had three jabs at 16 weeks. Of the top of my head (red book also in nursery!) it was Hib, the 5 in 1 and Men C. Barney was a bit tetchy and clingy for a couple of days afterwards but apart from that they were oth fine.
  • Yep Zacky had 3 jabs for his 3rd lot. They put 1 in one leg, the next in the other and then the 3rd in the 1st leg. Im lucky as LO doesnt bother when having his jabs. He had sore legs for a few hours and was sleepy for the rest of the day, but no other reactions. The next time he saw the HV though he thought the needle they were readying for the next child and was giving her looks as if to say 'o no not another one' LOL.

    Zackys next one will be the dreaded MMR.
  • Aiden had his this morning and was fine up until about an hour ago. He has started crying non-stop and has just stopped as he lays on my lap.
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