An Update On Us...*UPDATE*

for those who read my previous post the other day...

well what can i say? i've had it now too...was awake being sick at 4am yesterday morning and had a terrible day yesterday, Sean's loadsss better but has had to take the weekend off work to look after me and JJ!!

JJ is still really bad, managed to keep 13oz (5oz syringed) down yesterday but he's pretty much just thrown everything he's had today back up...he seems fine in himself tho...i'm so worried about him :cry: going to try and get a docs appointment tomorrow, i just don't know what to do with him...we're syringing as much as we can into him but he gets so distressed about it, breaks my heart :cry:

will update you more tomorrow after he's been to the docs x


Just got back from the docs, managed to get a 9.20am appointment - miracle!! Anyway, little bugger decided to smile and laugh at the doctor who basically thought i was exaggerating (sp?)!

He had a good feel and listen of his tummy and said that babies tummies are very soft when they have a bug and his is starting to harden so it shows he's getting there slowly, we are to stop the dioralyte and the weakened milk and just give him full strength milk as he's more likely to take more of something he likes (makes sense really!), we're just to give it in small doses and still offer him water, he said not to worry if it all comes back up as he'll still be getting some goodness, he said it always looks more than what's gone in when it's all over him and the furniture but it never is!

Sooo in conclusion, i'm a bit happier but i guess i won't be completely happy til he's back to taking 5 x 6oz bottles, that seems soooo far away at the moment! He's had 3oz of half diluted milk which we gave him before we went to the docs and so far most of that's stayed down, will just have to see what the rest of the day brings!!

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  • hi hunni, sorry to hear u've been poorly too, its so horrible wen ur not well and have a lo to take care of, hopefully your be feeling better soon. good luck at the doctors tomorrow, hope they can do something for him. my little girl had it when she was about 14mths, ended up in hospital for 2 nights as she just couldnt keep anything down, they ended up getting fluids into her through a tube, (not as bad as it sounds) it prob took her about 2wks to recover, but as soon as she had the tube in she was alot happier as everything was staying down.
    good luck for tomorrow. michelle. xxx
  • hope jj is on the mend, sorry to hear that its been so rough, take care xxxx
  • hey,

    Hope the doctors can do something to help - they should give you diarolyte to give him like a I mentioned in my reply to your other post.

    hope you both feel much better soon

    Lisa and Louise
  • oh no i thought this would happen big hugs babe xxx
  • Well I was up at 6am yesterday morning throwing my guts up (and other end too). Charlotte has been a bit sicky in the past 24 hrs too!
    Glad your lo is getting better. There must be a nasty bug going round.
  • glad to hear you'er both on the mend. take care of yourself. S x
  • really glad to hear JJ is getting better - make sure you rest youself!

    Take care hun xx xx
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