I've had my baby girl..and a question

My beautiful baby Nina was born 3rd March weighing 9lbs 2 oz. So, I will probably be back on baby forum a bit more again once things settle down a bit!

We're doing well but one question...I know it's still very early days but she having longer stints of sleep during the day so going longer between feeds during the day than at night. I've been putting her down in her moses basket upstairs for all the sleeps (so she's up there alot), but wondered if I need to start having her downstairs during the day? What have you all done? Ultimately I would like her to nap in her cot during the day but do you think it's too early & she'll have problems distinguishing night and day if I keep doing this now? x


  • Congratulations hun!
    Its really early days still but like lara says, try it and see if it makes any difference.
  • Congratulations on Nina!! hope it all went well!!

    it is each to their own, but if you are happy with her being upstairs, then leave her there! i didnt with my first, but did with 2nd and 3rd - they are the better sleepers, and always have been by far!

    it will take her a few weeks to know what is really day and night, so you may feel that you can change the pattern then instead of now!
  • I think a lot of babies are like this in the early days. But I was same as Katie and daytime naps were in light, with noise etc. And night was always in dark and quiet etc.
    But it'll take a wee while but she'll soon learn night and day are diff. Well done on baby Nina though. S x
  • my two have always associated their cot as nighttime sleeping because they only go there when its dark. Where as during the day i put them in a moses basket in the room where its light and noisy and when they wake up i'll show them they can play if they want but in the cot if they wake up they get a dummy and settled back down with no noise.

    It worked out easier this way for me and got them sleeping through sooner too.

    Lisa xxx
  • Thank you, can always rely on you lovely people for some great advice! I think I will keep doing what we are doing for now as it's so early and maybe change tactics later if we need to. x
  • I tried to make Gabe sleep in the front room in the day where it was noisy, bright, etc to help him associate day from night. Great idea in theory but it didn't work for him and still doesn't - he WON'T sleep in the front room - he will sleep in pram, car (as is on the move) and cot but even when newborn he was too nosy to sleep when other things were going on.
    Congratulations, I love the name Nina
  • Thanks tiger lily, fingers crossed it works for us. x
  • hi,

    welcome and congratulations!

    I think that if she's happy to sleep upstairs during the day then it should help to to sleep in her cot during the day as she gets older.

    Just try to keep day different to night - in the day talk to her more loudly and keep the room light. At night try not to speak and keep room dark. - then she'll still learn the difference between day and night.


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