Can my 7 month old eat...

hi ladies,

does anyone know if my 7 month old can eat tuna or salmon? i want him to eat fish but buying fresh is expensive and i want to be able to freeze extra portions. he has had cod and loved it but it was really expensive! also can they have baked beans? just thinking of other things to add to his diet, he already eats a wide variaty or fruit and veg and love chicken and beef.



  • have you tried a rusk? haha only joking (from other thread)

    My Lo does have tuna from tin sometimes but the spring water one as brine is salt water - he loves it!! one of his favorites.

    As for baked beans I think again it is the salt/sugar content but you can get lower salt/sugar ones which we have tried. He like it with his mash potato but doesnt have it often as at the min we are trying lots of things to see what he likes x
  • Well, Daisy had all sorts of fish at 7 months - in fact, it was practically the only thing she would eat! If you buy tinned tuna, be careful of buying it in brine because of the salt content. I think you have to be careful about what quantity they have of these things, but I'm not sure of the amounts..

    This is a good website for information:

    C x
  • I would personally stick to fresh tuna rather than tinned, if u check the salk content on tuna in brine or tuna in oil the salk content is the same (i believe) If you use fresh you will know exactly whats in it. I know it is more expensive but one tuna steak would go a long way mixed with other stuff. Sx
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