Panting baby - anyone else had this??

My LO is almost six months and for the past few days seems to always have her mouth open and more often than not, she is panting. She is not hot, or ill at all. We are thinking its just a phase, as anyone else had this though?


  • hmm the only time my boy seems to do this is if he gets really excited but other then that no..sorry
  • my lo does it but its usually because he is thirsty , his kicked in when the hot weather started. i was that concerned i took him docs and the doc advised me to give him a drink when he does it and that seems to do the job.
  • Neve will be 6 months on friday and does this too - usually when she's excited, she flaps her arms around like chicken at the same time, very funny!
  • My lo does this when excited too!
  • My lo is almost 7 months old and does this when I'm feeding him, in between mouthfuls. Could be excited, then!!
    Also when I'm about to give him a some milk (he's still being BF) he'll get really excited and start panting. xxxx
  • harri pants when hes exited too, like anatoriacs lo in between mouthfulls. but not any other time. try a liitle bit of water maybe? xxx
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