rant about "work" !!

im not sure if ive already mentioned this but i was MEANT to be returning to work tommorrow on my old department in the supermarket i work in, but as they have not contacted me to tell me my shifts i decided to go in today as i had already been waiting two weeks and they told me i haveto move to another department which they know i hate as they have giving my job to someone else, what the fuck? (sorry about language) but i thought they HAD to keep my job for me and give me reasonable hours?
they have only done this because i have told them i cannot work thurs, fri and sat, (thurs/fri at college and sat is the only day id be able to c oh) but i can work any time from 6am-9pm sun-wed, i thought i was being more than reasonable, as other mothers there have returned to their own department with reasonable hours and days, for example mon-thurs 9-2.
and aparently im not fit to go back and do more than 5-6 hours a time as it may put extra strain on me as i have a baby to look after....but they didnt worry about me when i was gone 7 months pregnant and working 14 hours shifts stood up the whole time.
they was all up for me returning to my old job as they are really short staffed (got 5 jobs advertised in job centre on same dept) and working everyday, but now i cant work a few days then they have filled every position. im so pissed off its untrue, ive worked there for over 3 years from when i left school and would work all the time wen someone was off sick and they cant even give me my own job back with a reasonable amount of money.

i am going to phone usdaw (my union) and see where i stand as im sure this is discrimination and i can take them to some kind of tribunal for the trouble and stress they have caused and im obviously not going to be earning money untill they sort it out. (im so skint its untrue!)

where do you think i stand? am i being unreasonable?

so sorry for the long post but u had to get it off my chest...its made me feel a tad bit better now xx


  • thanks for your reply. my mat pay has only just run out yesterday, they have been sorting my hours out at work for three week though as they know i wanted to return tomorrow.. im not meant to return to work untill 17th of sept.
  • Grrr I just typed a reply and my internet went down!

    You should have a look on


    and see if you can get any info from there. I would also suggest you go and talk to citizens advice, they are very good and tained to deal with cases like this. Its also very reassuring to have someone going through it with you. I hope you get it all sorted soon xxx
  • I found this on the government site:
    When you return to work after ordinary maternity leave, you have a right to the same job and the same terms and conditions as if you hadn't been absent. This also applies when you come back after additional maternity leave, unless your employer shows that it's not reasonably practicable for them to take you back in your original job (for example, because the job no longer exists). In that case, you must be offered alternative work with terms and conditions as if you hadn't been absent.

    Speak to your union urgently I'd say, there's a good chance they are in breach of government legislation as they seem to not follow the above.
  • Hi i was all ready and willing to go back to work when my mat leave ended,but like you i heard nothing from my place of work so i rung them and asked when they wanted me back and they suggested i come in for a meeting!!!!!!!thought it sounded abit suspect but as there was afew things i wanted to discuss i went along quite happily!I asked if i could have a mon-fri role as the old housekeeper used to do but this was refused,i can understand as it is the Hotels busiest time but then isnt this what weekend staff are for?i also didnt want to be working all Bank Hols and over Xmas as i had done previous and again i got same responce!after thinking about it for whole of half a day i decided NOT to return....though i was abit put out as i had worked for the Hotel 7yrs and worked bloody hard i might add lol..then just afew weeks ago i find as they are very short staffed and struggling tht they are considering taking on someone who can/will only work mon-fri!!!!!!!!!!!this so annoyed me!!!!!!!!!I dont really know what to suggest except talk to your union(we dont have one)and citizens advice as no it isnt fair
  • i have no intentions of returning to work now after whats happened, but thats not the point as they shouldn't have gave my job away and i'm entitled to return to work with 'reasonable hours' and because they didnt sort it out sooner i have missed out on a months pay which i want them to pay me for.... along with my holiday pay i have worked up so far. so when Tegan has a nap today then ill phone the union as it is not fair that they make new mothers feel awful.

    sarahlou i can't believe they would not give you your job back working mon-fri but they would offer it to someone else. it really is wrong x
  • Oh Hannah I cant believe they are being soo horribl about this. Let me know how you get on when you phone the union later xx
  • ive phoned the union and they are going to get someone to phone back later on or tommorrow at some point as the woman i spoke to couldnt really help all that much, although she is sending me a claim pack as i should be entitled to claim some money from the union as ive been on maternity leave...dont think it will be much though, but anything is great x
  • Hopefully whoever phones you back should be able to help you & get this sorted out too. Its hard enough to go back to work without having this hassle as well xx
  • they got back to me today and as i have been off since 17 sept 07 i no longer have any rights to return to my old job, as long as they give me a job then it doesn't matter. i think its awful though, as most mums don't really want to return to work let alone returning to a whole new job! it makes me so mad!!! x


  • Thats really crap Hannah. They pass all these laws to give mums more rights & more maternity leave etc & leave all these loopholes that screw mums out of their old jobs!!! It just doesnt seem fair does it?
  • its a load of crap. in a way i am actually pleased as i didn't really want to go back to work and now that this has happened oh doesnt want me to go back either! so i get to spend more time with Tegan, but its not fair for all the other mothers who want to return to work x
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