Brooke stopped breathing!

Went 2 visit some family last night with my 4 week old lo n my auntie was givin brooke her feed, i asked her 2 give some gripe water 2 n put it in a syringe n gave it 2 my aunt! She gave this 2 brooke (which i have been doing 4 the past few days with no probs) n straight away she started 2 choke, stopped breathin n turned blue! I jumped the length of the living room n grabbed baby, turned her over my knee n rubbed n patted her back! i became hysterical at this point n started screamin at my mum 2 ring an ambulance! Within about a min, brooke threw up, had a coughing fit n started 2 cry! I've never been so happy 2 hear my little girl scream the place down! The ambulance came within about 5 mins n she was checked over at the hosp n was fine afterwards! Was the longest n scariest minute of my life n i was terrified! I'm so glad she's ok though n i'm bookin onto a 1st aid course 2day so i know what 2 do in the future! X
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