She's gotten worse, doctor rant...

Kyra's chicken pox have gotten worse since yesterday, last night was hell for all of us! She just can't settle. So took her to gp this morning who was useless. Turns out her pox have started to get infected. I told him she won't take anything orally, not even juice she just turns her head, so what did he prescribe...ORAL anti biotics and ORAL suspension, which I said I already had and diprobase (which is used for eczema).

So I told him about her high temperature all last night and this morning and asked him to take an accurate reading with inner-ear monitor. He said he didn't have one!!! What?!? What kind of doctor doesn't have an ear temperature monitor??? He said the chemist will do it when I get the prescription. Went there and they didn't have one either, but they had them to buy in their shop!!! Buggers! So I bought one for ??40, and measured her temp it was almost 40 degrees (39.7). I can't stand that doctor, he looked as if to say, 'why bring her here it's only chicken pox'. Well if you ask me they look pretty bad, and I've never seen a case so bad, especially on a 8 month old baby! He was too busy drinking coke to care! I wanted my usual doctor she's really nice and caring, but got that fat old git instead!! :x Pheww, rant over.

She's drinking formula atm she's managed 5 oz today so far, so not too bad considering she's feeling like sh*t. I'll let you know how she gets on.


  • Oh bless her! I've never seen so many spots!
    Your doctor sounds like mine - useless. I hope she's feeling better soon. Could you try syringing the antibiotics, I know you'd have to hold her down but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
  • oh hun that looks terrible! poor kyra! have you got some calomine lotion? i remember my mum using that on me when i had them.
    can you not make another appointment with your own doc? or take her to the emergency docs tonight and tell them she wont take her meds...obv cos theyre bloody oral meds!
    grrr docs are supposed to be caring arent they??
    i would wright a complaint letter when shes better to your local nhs, telling them that the doc refused to take her temp and you had to buy one and send them a copy of the reciept asking for a re-imbursement!! worth a try maybe?! x
  • Oh my goodness! Poor little Kyra. I can't believe you had to buy your own proper temp monitor-the NHS can't be in that bad a state?!Like you don't have enough to worry about that's awful!
    I realy hope she's feeling better soon and the pox settle down and give her chance to get some rest ( and you guys too!). 5oz's today sounds good and must be a good sign she's coming out the other side. Take care xx
  • Oh bless her, she looks awful poor little lamb. Your doctor sounds crap, could you go back and ask to see someone else? The diprobase probably will help her. It is prescribed for excema but it is a heavy duty moisteriser that helps with excema because it keeps the skin hydrated. I would think that to lo's excema and chicken pox must seem pretty similar as they both leave them horribly itchy.
  • Poor little thing!

    My doctor 'doesn't believe in taking a childs temperature'!!! I would make another appointment to see the doctor you want to see.

    I agree with trying a syringe to get her to take the antibiotics, we were told by a nurse to squirt it right at the back of Louise tongue. She may cough and cry but the medicine will go in and do its job.

    hope it clears up soon - I think the spots can last a week?

    Lisa and Louise
  • Thanks girls. She took another 3 oz so that's 8oz today so far. She won't have her dinner, or drink juice. I gave her a bath to soothe the itching and the poor little love looked so red and sore. They seem to be getting even worse, I almost cried as a terrible thought crossed my mind as I was changing her, what if she dies? I know it's silly and very very few babies die of chicken pox, but it looks so awful. :cry:

  • Hun, she won't die, she's going to be just fine. I know how you feel though, the last time Millie was poorly I had to check on her every time I got up to Barney as I was convinced she was going to die in her sleep.
    It might be worth taking her to A&E like Katie says, I'm sure if you tell them that you gp wouldn;t even take her temperature, and you don't think she is getting enough fluids, that they will check her out for you.
    Hope she starts to feel better soon
  • Oh the poor little mite, i've never seen them so angry, bless her. I know axactly how you feel about you lo not takin medicines my 2yr has aways been like this, she either throws up or spits it out, i have never known a more stressful time than trying to give medicine, its also hard because you know its the only thing to make them feel better, but a few months ago my lo got sent to hospital because she had a high temp for 2 weeks and they wanted to find out what was wrong, anyhow she had a bad ear infection and it was very important she had the antibiotics and they showed me how to give them, basically i held her in my arms holding her arms firmly against her body and laid her back, not flat but quite far back, and when she saw she was coming with medicine my lo opened mouth to cry and the nurse squirted it under the tongue so she couldnt spit it out, it was gone in 2 squirts. she was quite forceful and didnt take any nonesence but it worked a treat. Me and my husband tried it when we was home and we managed it quite well, you have to be firm even tho its really hard but its really for her own good and will make a huge difference. Since that day i have managed to get all medicine down her, i think after a few doses she realised that she wasnt going to get out of it and decided to go with the flow, it was a massive turn around for us and she was feeling a hell of alot better within 24hr.

    Hope this helps you. x
  • The spots are definately worse than yesterdays piccie. Poor little thing. They are quite bad. I really hope she gets better soon xx
  • OMG poor little thing, I hope she gets better soon xxxx
  • Bless her, she is definitely worse than yesterday. When Isaac had them he was 7 months and although he was covered he wasnt anywhere near as bad as your lo, If they are infected it is important to get the antibiotics down, if you are not happy that she is taking them then I would insist on another doctor or take her to a and e, she is your baby and you know her best, also with Isaac he kept getting spots for about 5 days and even ended up with them in his mouth, nose and eyes, that could explain why she isnt eating.

    Hope she feels better soon xx
  • Awwwwwwwwww bless her i hope she gets better soon poor little love but she is just beautiful what lovely big eyes shes got. I would take to A&E though if your worried as it will put your mind at rest. None of mine have had them and ellie is 6 so i dont think it will be to long though as its going round school.Take care you and kyra.
    vikki xx
  • Oh poor baby!

    Im gategrashing from pregnancy but have some experience of pox in little ones.

    Try baths with bicarb of soda- sounds weird but helps! And if you can manage to do that a couple of times a day all the better especially if she is happy in the water. Then ask your Dr/chemist for calamine aqueous cream- its a moisturiser with calming lotion, the calamine alone can dry the spots out. Again apply this as much as possible- aim for every hour if you can.

    You can give piriton also as that helps with the itching. Keep baby cool and minimal cotton clothing. Calpol will only help if she has a temp- its not a pain reliever.

    Other than that, let her sleep when she wants/ eat when she wants and try lots of sips of drinks from adult cups. straws etc. May encourage her if she thinks she is drinking from your cup!
  • Aww thanks for the advice, it's really appreciated! She seems to have calmed down now. I put the ibuprofen in her milk and she's had the two 5ml doses for the day, The antiobiotics taste vile and she won't touch it in milk, I tried the syringing under the tongue, but its hard when she clamps her mouth shut and thrashes around, so I'll have the wait for oh to get bk from work to hold her down!

    hayley - it seems like everytime I look at her she's got more spots! how long was it before Isaac's spots completely went. i'm so worried as they're getting infected she will scar.

    Thanks Dinks I will try the bicarb of soda, she already has 2 baths a day and seems SO much more calm in the water and even gives a little smile!

  • Ahhh good, im glad something brings her some relief. My mate had chicken pox as an adult and stayed in a bicarb bath most of the day! Try to keep it as cool as she can stand as heat will aggrevate spots more.

    As for giving meds as harsh as it sounds try tipping her upside down and popping it in-harder to spot out with gravity on your side!
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