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Hi TigerLily,

I noticed that you replied to a thread on 'born in March 08' forum re cows milk that you give your LO cows milk with his cereal and also noted from other posts that he has eczema.

My eldest daughter is 3 and she also suffers with eczema. Have you tried using organic full fat milk? It seems to work for us. Whenever we use normal full fat she has a flare up which clears up as soon as we go back to organic. Not sure why but thought i'd share just incase it helps.

Best wishes

Claire x


  • Hi, thanks for the post - I don't use organic milk but that is really scary if normal milk makes your daughters eczema flare up - makes you wonder what is in the normal stuff!

    I am not sure if it is a milk thing as formula contains cows milk and he has always been fine with it (eczema only flared once he was weaned). I will definitely try it tho x
  • Sorry to jump in,but my son had asthma when he was younger. Even though he always had ff he could not tolerate full fat cows milk. I changed him to goats milk (its rank but he loves it) and he hardly ever needs his inhaler. The change was almost overnight.xx
  • It's def worth a try as my daughter had formula (i didn't manage to excusively BF her for very long) and was fully formula fed from about 10 weeks. Her eczema started when she was about 6 months (same time i introduced cows milk in cereal) but at the time i couldn't work it out. Someone else suggested the organic milk and the improvement was pretty much instant. Let us know how you get on. Hoping it works for you too x
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