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early symptoms of chicken pox???

hi ladies ,..this isnt exactly baby related more toddler but i thought id ask u ladies for advice image ..ok jack has had a high temp for 2 days or so 39.4 and more and been really grumpy i took him to the doctors yesterday and the doctor was really patronising to me and made me feel like i was over reacting !! :roll:

today he is sleepy ,temp isnt so high but he never ever sleeps in the day but i cant keep him awake ! do u think he has early chicken pox symptoms or is it something else??

thanks xxxxxxxx


  • reply hasn't appeared!

    does he have any spots on his tummy or back - thats where they usually start.

    my doctor said that lo's can get a high temp when they are fighting something off. Are you giving him anything for it?

    hope he's feeling better soon

  • thanks for your replies ....he has no spots anywhere as yet and its possible he has been exposed to them in the early stages before the spots appear as he goes to nursery and we go to groups but as yet i dont know anyone with them ...ive been giving him paracetemol every 6 hours or so ..sometimes 4 if is temp has gone up in between hoping its not chicken pox as i dont want sophia to catch them at such a young age :cry: but hey there isnt alot i can do if it is eh :roll:
    thanks again xxxxxxx
  • It could well be chicken pox, as high temp is a classic symptom. Kyra's just getting over it now. Hers went up to 40 degrees, very scary. Also, they all just pop up overnight and so fast. Keep and eye out. You're going the right thing to keep the temp low xox
  • thanks yummy mummy ..i saw the pic u posted the other day poor little darling its so horrible for them ... im really worried about him tonight he has slept loads today which is so unlike him he is very active all the time and his temp was 40 at 7pm so i gave him medicine and i went up half an hour ago and he was soaking with sweat!! i dont know whether i should ring nhs direct or not he hasnt got a temp at the mo but im scared to have him sleeping in his room tonight incase something happens :cry: i over reacting? i hate it when their ill :cry:
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