Feeling dizzy


My lo is 5 and a half months and Ive just started giving her her first solids - am also still breastfeeding.

For the past week or so Ive started to feel quite dizzy and tired and was wondering if it could be down to the breastfeeding (lo has started to need more feeds than usual).

Has anyone else experienced dizziness and has anyone got any advice as to what might be causing it?



  • i get dizzy at feed time n dr doesnt know why? are you pale or cold all of the time or have u noticed any easy bruising as you can get aneamic (sp) this often coincides with the onset of your af. id see g.p just incase hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi I would think it will be lack of iron. I have tablets since being pregnant and they help and I always feel tired and light headed if I miss one. Might be worth getting a blood test at the gp's just to rule it out? Hope you feel better soon x
  • Thanks for your advice. Will book in to see Dr tomorrow xx
  • Hi
    I was experiencing exactly the same thing before i started weaning my ds onto solids at 20weeks and for quite a few weeks after that.
    I felt utterly exhausted, dizzy and weak. I spoke to my HV about it and said that i could be anaemic but also more likely that the baby is demanding so much milk that it is draining me due to the extra calories needed. I think for me it was also partly due to me not having a good diet.

    I started making sure i was eating snacks regularly instead of just at meal times and started taking pregnacare multivitamins and soon started feeling better and had no more dizzy spells. I may of been anaemic but felt a lot better a couple of weeks later so never went to docs in the end to find out why.

    Hope you feel better soon
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