episiotomy still sore after 13 weeks? TMI aleart!!

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if it is the norm for an episiotomy to be still sore after 13 weeks? I got my hubby to check (tmi) and he said its abit swollen. I hurts really bad when i go to the loo!! I have also got massive piles (tmi)

I had an infection in the stiches a couple of days after, the stiches have not been checked in over 10 weeks. My 6 week check was a joke, all they did was weigh me!!

Will it get any better?xx

Gemma xxx


  • hun, I would go to your gp and get yourself checked you probably will find some pain there at this point but get it checked now, I have had a lot of problems with my episiotomy, lo is 11 months tomorrow and I have to have an operation to have a little repair work, like you my 6 week appointment was a joke my gp told didnt check me and told me to use contraception, when I told her it was to sore to even contemplate she said after a bottle of wine you'll be fine. 11 months on we still havent managed it. By Christmas I ahd 3 major infections which could have been prevented had I been checked over at 6 weeks, I dont say all this to scare you but to let you know to go to your gp and get it sorted xxx
  • Hey hun, I'm with Rosapenny, go and get it checked. Mine was sore at 12 weeks, but only slightly and it looked fine. It was really just a sore ache that I noticed if I'd overdone it a bit and walked a lot, or had sat down on it too much. Please get it looked at, sooner is definitely better than later. x x x
  • Hiya, def get checked, even if it's only for peace of mind. I had an episiotomy and stitches got infected as one was too tight apparently. Was still sore at 3 months and paranoid until 5 months but all returned to normal eventually! I found that the scar ached most after walking for a while, but if it still hurts when you're going to the bathroom I'd def mention that. Good luck x
  • thanks ladies i will def go to the doctors now, just to get peace of mind imagexx
  • hey,

    yeah go to the doctors - i posted for advice about poss needing it redone as my stitches didnt heal properly and i was told just to leave it for 6 months and see...DD is 14 weeks tomorrow and went to docs on Monday as still uncomfortable (cant comtemplate having sex right now) she says its healed but maybe slight infection so swabbed it and gave me antibiotics but wont get results til tomorrow...

    Sometimes mine nips a bit when i pee (like when it was just done only it was excrutiating then) my 6 week check was the same as everyone elses pointless.....my midwife discharged me to hv at 12 days despite me saying it was agony even with pain killers and 'gaping' byt she told me it was meant to be like that./..

    hope things are ok..

  • Definitely go and see your GP and ask for a referral to a gynaecologist.
    I'm almost 12 months post birth, I had an episiotomy but suffered with the recovery very badly. I had infections and I had a "pit" that didn't heal.

    Anyway cut a long story short I'm waiting on a post-birth operation to repair me :cry:

    I do hope you're ok, it's horrible living with it when it's so painful x
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