where i stand on returning part time?help worried?!

feel sick.... had my meeting with my manager this afternoon!

he spent an hour basically giving me reasons why he didn't see how it was going to work!!?!!

basically i want to do 3 full days wed, thurs, fri - he is saying that the job i do needs someone there 5 days... i said i was studying for 3 years having a day off every week and i still did a full time job!

he said job share wouldn't really work as would spend so much time passing over work etc... and by giving me a smaller area to look after meant that tenants wouldn't be able to contact me in an emergency eg domestic violence, asb etc....

He's got 14 days to write to me with a desicion - if its a no he said then i can appeal! this can go on and if no agreement is met i can either have my full time job or bye bye me!!!!

i left not knowing what to think - a collegue whos are staff rep for our office then rang me and said that i must not give in he will fight for me etc... all very nice but not making me feel any better at the mo as in less they do something legally wrong it's not up to him but my manager!

This new manager started a few weeks before i went on mat leave so he doesn't know me - i've been there for nearlt 5 years they employed me as trainee and then paid for me to go uni for 3 years and then promoted me to fully fledged community housing manager, i just can't believe that they would then get rid of me!

Anyway the whole point of this post is to ask all your advice??? where do i stand legally???

HELP MY BRAIN HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • hello,from what you have said hes doing everything by the book,if hes giving you a valid reason for you not returning to work then they is nothing you can do,when you recive the letter you could phone cab up and see what they say,sorry not much help,i had a nightmare with my work,took them 11 months to decide there were gonna move me in the shop and job share with someone instead of working in the office

    good luck
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