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13 wks and draining 8oz? anyone lese the same?

hi lo is 13wks and now finishes off 8oz at each feed, i know theyre all different but wondered how this compares withother lo's at this age.

he has 6 bottles per 24hrs:, he has a long morning sleep and lasts 5 hrs in between then but apart from that its 3 hrs apart during day...he is now lasting 7 hrs at night (10pm-5am so thats great)


is he maybe just taking less feeds so making up for it with bigger bottles? he used to need fed every single 3 hours bang on, even thru the night.

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  • Hi, Gabe was having 8oz at that age but only 4 bottles. What milk is he on? You could try hungry baby milk. But really it doesnt matter how much he has - they take what they need xx
  • hi thanks hes on aptamil first milk, i asked hv about changing to hungry baby and she said he was too young, but ill speak to her again on wed. its not a prob to me but i was always told not to give him more than 6oz? anyone else been told this?
  • I changed my lo to hungry baby (cow and gate) at 6 weeks old and he's never had a problem. I would try it!

    There's no reason not to give him more than 6oz. Just give him what he wants! HVs talk rubbish sometimes.
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