Which "adult" biccies are ok for lo's? Following on from Tiger Lily's baby products rip off post I want to save some money on our weekly shop and the 1st thing will be to stop buying expensive baby biccies!

I've got some plain digestives and tried her on a bit of them and she seems to like them. I also thought rich tea fingers would be good?

Which biccies do you give your lo?

I bet I buy a pack and eat them all myself - lol!


  • lol, rich tea fingers are what my hv reccomended.
  • Thanks I thought it would be ok. Trouble is oh just discovered my stash of digestives now!!!!
  • double post Think site is playing up.

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  • Rich Tea is fine or maybe shorties. Take it from me they are perfectly fine. My daughter is diabetic and is allowed these as they are not full of sugar although shorties seem it from the texture. Also she has Digestives, Party Rings, Ginger Nuts. These biscuits have loads of carbohydrates and they are all plain biscuits so they do no harm. She even has custard creams at times and loves them.
  • My HV recomended Rich tea biscuits as a way to introduce finger foods to LO. Thing is he already had a taste for malted milks. Luckily he only has them at his aunt and uncles when we visit. They now buy him a pack of chocolate malted milk when they know we are going. LO has now taken to licking the chocolate off them before eating the buscuit (which is the bit he prefers.
  • most cracker biccies are fine to
  • Ooh never thought of malted milks! They are very much like baby biccies. Thanks xx
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