tounge tie

does anyones lo have a tounge tie? hayden has and because he is feeding fine and putting on weight they have said they wont cut the tie, but i am worried that it might affect his speech development . it is a wee shame cause he cant stick his tougne out either!!
does any one have any experience of tounge ties? and the effects it might have.
thanks fiona and hayden


  • hi Fiona

    as you've said, he is feeding fine and gaining weight, so at the moment they wont be to concerned about him. however, you are right about the concerns over speech - depending on where you live, there are (i think!) about 3 lactation consultant midwives around the country who snip it for them when tiny (if you are near enough, there is one in Oldham who can do it, and you can be refered from out of the area)

    my friend had her lo in october, and he fed fine etc, but still chose to get it sorted now
  • Hi, my son is tongue tied and so is my partner. As my partner has never had any trouble with his we have decided to leave ollies alone.
  • Hi

    My little man (Hayden too) has a tongue tie - he is now 10 months old and has never had any probs with it - he is 25lb so never struggled with milk / food

    Doc says that they rarely do the op anymore if no problems experienced - only thing he can't do is stick his tongue out (which isnt a bad thing) but does blow whicked raspberries lol

    He will be reviewed again pre school to ensure speech not affected but I have no worries with it

  • what does it mean? sorry for sounding thick lol x
  • Tongue tie is when the piece of skin that joins the base of the tongue with the bottom of the mouth is very short or is closer to the tip of the tongue meaning that movement can be limited. I'm a speech and language therapist and rarely see a case where tongue tie has affected speech. As long as the child is able to put their tongue between their teeth and to the roof of their mouth, it should be fine.
  • thank you for all your replys, it has made me feel better about his wee tougne not affecting his speech when he is big!
    Dont worry about sounding thick mrs jbourne your not, i dudn't know what a tounge tie was till hayden was born!
    love fiona
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