Worried about milk intake

My lil girl has never really been interested in milk only ever taking at most 6oz bottles and that would be at a push but the past few weeks i'm really struggling to get her to take any.
She sleeps for about 13 hours at night we put her to bed at 7pm after having a 6oz bottle and she sleeps til around 7.30am we give her a bottle when waking and she takes 3oz then stops we perservere for about 45 minutes and sometimes get another 2 down her, lunch time at 12 she will have another 3/4 then at 3ish she will take 1/2oz then at bedtime 6.30pm she will take 6 on a good day before sleeping right through til morning again,

She is 6 months old and is having 3 very small meals but is mostly BLW so only really sucks things so isn't eating too much she is 6 months old does this sound like enough?



  • She sounds exactly like my Beth! She has always been a terrible milk drinker.
    I have spoken to everyone under the sun about this and all say it's fine as long as we give yoghurt and cheese to make up.

    At 6 months I dropped the 11am bottle which helped her 3pm one. Then at about 7 months she dropped her 3pm one (only taking an oz or so so HV said to just stop it) which helped her bedtime one. Now she has 5-6oz first thing and about 5-6 at bedtime which she seems happy with.
    At one point she was only taking about 4oz a day (teething/ill) and lost a bit of weight but even then HV said not to worry. So now I 'try' to just go with what she wants. Like today she is all blocked up and would only take 2oz this morning so she had a yoghurt for breakfast to make up and I gave her a big milky dessert at lunch.

    Maybe your LO is teething/feeling a bit under the weather and could pick up a bit in a while. Oh also, we found that Beth didn't want to sit still for bottle as it was too boring so feeding in front of Tweenies in the mornings made a big difference. She went up from 2-3oz to 5-6oz.

    I always tell myself as long as she seems happy and is still sleeping through she must be getting what she needs.

  • Thanks for the reply, Alyssa has 3 teeth at the mo but really her interest, or lack of should i say seems to be the same as before teething she just does not care for it at all and never has.

    She is very happy and never hungry so i guess i just go with that yeah i actually find if i put waybaloo on she will glaze over and suck on the bottle a lot longer haha!!

    I guess aslong as she is happy i should stop worrying and she is gaining weight just very little but it's heading in the right direction!!

    Thanks again x
  • Hugs. It's hard having a baby who doesn't care about milk. It seems so unnatural!

    Just to let you know, Beth has been v hit and miss with solids too. Not really that bothered. BUT we've recently had quite an improvement. Apparently at about 9-10 months they realise food fills them up and stops hunger and can get into it more. She also seems to actually really want her morning bottle some days which I'd never experienced before! Also I do find that if she has a couple of really bad days of hardly any food she makes up for it later on so am now really trying to chill when she won't eat. She's only on the 25th centile and is v long, thin and extremely active so I guess she's never going to be a massive weight gainer/eater really.

  • Thanks they sound very similar, Alyssa is well over the average length for her age group but weighs a lot less she is just really long and slim and barely gains weight hovering between the 9th and 25th centiles, it does stress me out that she has no interest in her milk but luckily her interest in food is great and she loves grabbing her food now and munching on it, Alyssa has never shown any interest in her morning bottle would rather just sit and be cuddled so i have yet to experience that!!

    Hopefully like you say she will soon realise what solids are all about, and i will offer her lots of milky desserts etc!!

    Silly mummy always worrying about one thing or another!!

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