sandwhiches- cmpi and Li.

Hi i want to give Lizzie (6 months) a sandwhich for her lunch. She is milk (cmpi) and lactose intoleren (li)t. I have some bread she can eat and I have dairy free spread for her but what can i put in as a filling?
sugar free jam i know i can try but is there anything else? I have been told not to give her any kind of fish until she is 9 months.
also- is half a slice of bread about right for portion size? she has been weaning since 17 weeks and is on 3 meals a day.


  • ds is cows milk inotlerant and he has soya 'cheese' spread (a company called pure make this, there is one calle lactofree but that still contains the milk protein-it's next to the philadelphia etc in the supermarkets), ds has been having fish since he was 6 months (which i thought was the guidelines...) so he has tuna (max of once a week) mixed with the 'cheese' spread, or grated carrot, marmite, banana sandwich, avocado and tuna/chicken (just mush it all up so it goes to a paste so u can then stick the bread together or when lo picks it up at that age it all falls out), occasionally lemon curd, hard boiled egg mashed up with 'cheese' spread (i tend to use the 'cheese spread in replacement for mayo too) ... can't think of anything else atm....ham? but ds is 15months and has had sandwiches for lunch since he was about 8months so is v doable. we wrere told not to give him anything nut based until he is 3, so peanut butter is out ... if i think of anymore i shall let u know

    hth xx
  • Houmous? I don't deal with intolerances so check the label but I'm sure it's free of her allergens. The mashed flesh of a roasted sweet potato makes a very nice sandwich filling and/or dip for toast fingers.

  • Thank you. I have the pure branded dairy free spread, so i will look out for the "cheese". I was told not to give her fish until 9 months as then there will be less risk of her having a reaction to it. She already cant have anything with cows milk, lactose, mango,strawberrys or citrus fruit.
    I gave her some spaghetti and veg for lunch in the end,lol.
    So once they are better (both girls are ill at mo) and i can leave the house i will get some fake cheese,lol and sugar free jam. will also get some marmite-havent had that in years!!
    The sweet potatoe flesh sounds a good idea and im sure would tast lovely with some "heese" and grated carrot!
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