What do I do - advice pls!!!

Lo has been having LOADS of runny nappies since Fri night - I mean like coloured water (sorry if too much info) he might normally have 2/3 poos a day but I am changing him pretty much every hour through the day cos he is dirty and he is pooing at night which he NEVER does! His bot is REALLY sore and we have been giving him nappy free time from about 3pm till bedtime to try and help that and thanks GOD we have laminate as it is just dripping out of him (I have been washing the floor non stop too!)

He is FINE in himself cheery and everything as normal.He has had 2 top teeth come throuhg last week but he didn't get like this with his last teeth. His nappies aren't wet at all from wee but he is drinking loads more than normal.

He is supposed to be having his 13 month jabs including MMR on Thurs - should I try and get him to the docs?????

I just don't know WHAT to do!!!????

Posted this in a few places - hope you don't mind!


  • Me too - a quick check up as they get dehydrated so easily if they have the runs for a while.
    It probably is just his teeth though, Poppy had no trouble with her first 2 (bottom middle) but the next (top middle) caused horrible nappies for a week or so till they came through!
    Hope he's better soon!
  • Theres lots of bugs going around at the moment so I would definately try to speak to a dr, even if it is initially just over the phone coz I would be worried about him dehydrating.

    Hope he is feeling better soon

    Hilary x
  • I would speak to a doctor or get an appointment, just to be sure, as the others have said i would be worried about him becoming dehydrated

    Hope he feels better soon x
  • ok rang doc and the receptionist gave me an appt for tomorrow am - do you think I should insist on seeing someone today given how long he's had it already!
  • I'm so unsure as he seems quite happy really but his bot is REALLY bad - has an open sore now - so would like to get it cleared up if poss???!!!!
  • The poor wee man. After Amy had the gastroentritis she needed a stronger prescription nappy cream for a while til things cleared up.

    I agree with SB though if your instincts are telling you he needs to see someone sooner I would insist on it

    Hilary x
  • Hi, it does sound like it could be down to teething as Evie's nappies were always runnier when teething. The fact he is happy within himself is a good thing.

    Though the way you've described what he's passing i'd probably get the doc to check it up just incase it's something more sinister! Metanium is great for bum rash too XX
  • Unless you think he desperately needs seeing today I'd take the appointment tomorrow (not that I have any experience of this - just what I'd do in your situation).

    Hope he and his sore botty are better soon.
  • taking him aat half five to sit an wait for emergency slot - not ideal time for himbut want him seen so we'll go in a mo!
  • My lo had this for ages, but health visitor said as she looked okay in every other way not to worry, (just ANOTHER bloody side affect of teething). As long as their eyes don't look dry and sunken and ther fontanelle is okay I think you're okay, but they can become dehydrated so quickly you can;t be too careful. Good luck. x
  • Well, doc thinks it's viral - he's prescribed some rehydration sachets and some better nappy cream. Let's just hope ti clears up soon cos it looks like I am gonna have to take a couple of days off work cos he won't be able to go to nursery!
  • Hope he's ok. Gabe had runny nappies and a chest infection before christmas and was on antibiotics and the rehydration sachets but he wouldn't take them at all (hates anything flavoured like juice etc) so I just gave him lots of water as he was refusing milk and food too! His nappies were quite dry but after a few days of antibiotics he was much better xxx
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