any teachers know about mat leave?

Hi girls. Does anyone know how long you need to be back in work before getting paid for the hols? I heard they were changing it so your first day back at work could be the first day of the school hols but this seems too good to be true? Anyone have any idea? X


  • This is ALREADY true - after my lo was born I stated by return date as the first day of the summer hols so got full pay for that 6 weeks! image
  • That's brilliant. Thank you x
  • yep that's been the case that i know about for years! my first day back will be the first day of the summer holidays. i think it's kept quiet though, no suprise there! :roll:
  • Really? Honest and true? I could dance with joy, I've been stressing because I have to go back in July for the last week of term to be paid over the hols, but if you don't then I may have to do a small victory dance...
  • I have done the same. I am going back when Oskar is 3.5months old on 1st april ready for easter holidays!!! Wish I wasn't going back til summer hols but I need to go back for at least 13weeks to keep my OMP and hope to change jobs for Sept. Also cant afford to drop to just smp
  • first day back is 2nd April...Good Friday I think!

    Ive been in for some KIT days...I will have done 4 by the time I get I get paid my first full pay packet + KIT days on my first day back at work on 19th April, which is an INSET! lol!

    Gemma, Alfie and Ryan 23 + 1
  • Yes, I return to work on the 26th July, so unfortunate that that happens to be the first day of the summer holidays image I'm going back 3 days a week, but that's not till sept, so my Aug pay will be as if I'm still full pay, YAY!!
  • I am going back mid week, just in order to ease myself in as my school are idiots and can't see the point in KIT days GRRRR!

    However, I am going back 3 days prior to half term, week off, 6 weeks in , then 7 weeks off, then drop my hours in Sept so I will get paid in full all summer image

    I hate my assistant head and this will just irritate her that little bit more
    ha ha ha ha ha!

    Bets XxX
  • a&o's mum. that's a shame. i am going back when baby will be 5 months old and upset about that. my hubby said i'd be able to take an extra month and a half off but it wouldnt work. at the moment i go "back" to work mid july, so get paid in fiull for a month and a half before sept. if we can now afford another montha nd a half, from mid july that would still mean a sept start!
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