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Advice on baby's room temperature


I am due next Friday 16th May and making sure everything is ready in the nursery. I have read many times that a baby's nursery room temperature should be between 16 degrees c and 20 degrees c. However the nursery seems to be between 21degrees celsuis and 24 degrees celsuis with this delightful weather. I could open the window but that didn't seem to cool it down very much or I do have a fan i can put in the room, but will baby be able to sleep or get used to the humming sound of a fan and expect it all the time. Am I worrying over nothing or should i stick to the guidlines?

Your advice would be welcome



  • This whole subject is very ambiguous but when my lo was born (last Oct!) my HV gave me some helpful info:

    Recommended room temp for 0-1 month: 18-20 C

    10 togs of clothing/bedding are recommended at this age and room temp.

    Tog table of clothing and bedding:
    VEST 0.2tog
    JUMPER 2
    NAPPY(diposable) 2(less when very wet)
    SHEET 0.2

    It is then suggested that if the room temp is hotter or colder than recommended to adjust accordingly.

    It's all a bit of guess work really. The importnat thing to remember is that they are better to be cooler than hotter as if they feel chilly they will complain and cry. If they're too hot they will just continue to sleep.

    Good luck with having your baby, keep us posted xx
  • Hi, i was told the room temp was to be between 18-22!!!
    I dont really pass much remarks on HV as they seem to have no prupose at all except annoying people about crap they already know.
    You will know if your lo is too warm, you will feel him/her clamy, then take off a layer of clothes, babies are like us, some take the heat better than others and some babies like it cool. I couldnt worry to much, if your room is very hot then re-adust the layers accordinly.
    Surly they cant say that the same guidelines apply for a newborn in the summer as the winter???
  • Thanks for the advice ladies. It is most helpful. there's so much that can make you worry. But it helps to hear it from Mums themselves I will let you know when and what i have. Kerry
  • mummaj - thanks for that list...i'd been wondering how lo's were supposed to keep warm in winter with only 2.5 tog when I was cold under an 11.5 tog duvet! I didn't realise the clothes counted too. I guess that means that the cotton sleeping bags I have might count at about 1 tog then

    kerry - try not to worry too much about temperature.. my son has slept fine in winter when the room got to around 13 at night, and he went to sleep tonight in his room which was around 23/24. All I did was use the list on the back of the grobag thermometer as a guide and if I thought lo was too cold/warm I just stuck my hand down his vest to check his tummy temperature and to be honest each time he felt fine... even when it was really cold!

    as for sleeping over the sound of a fan... Cole is currently asleep despite the neighbours bloody dog barking and another neighbour putting up a fence and drilling and bashing!
  • Buy a gro bag / sleeping type thing, then they can't kick it off
  • Room temprature is essential for making good and safe enviroment on baby's room that help to baby sleep safly and peacfuly. I read some where that 16 to 20 degree c temprature is good for baby' room that good for your baby.

  • My little ones room is currently 25 degrees, shes almost 15 months, asleep in just her nappy and her head is all clammy and sweaty. have opened her window but hasnt done anything at all... gunna have to buy a fan and try that but any advice in the mean time? 


    Rebekah x

  • I have 2 boys who share a nursery. The oldest is 33 months and the youngest is 5 months. Their bedroom is currently sitting at 30 degrees and the rest of my house is sitting at 28. I have no air conditioning unit and despite trying everything known to man I cannot seem to reduce the temperature more than a half a degree. Windows are open, fans are blowing, I've got cross breezes, wet towels, Ice water in the sinks and bathtubs to try and cool the air. NOTHING is working. So... I'm really praying that my kids are strong enough to endure this sweltering heat. For now they are both asleep in nothing but their diapers, and seem happy enough. but only time will tell.

    Not sure I'll get much sleep tonight though. I'm way too paranoid from reading blogs about "proper bedroom temperatures" 

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