Teething - how much pain...?

Charlotte is really suffering still with teething, poor thing. She is off her milk again (well she wants it but is in too much pain to suck on bottle as she cries hysterically). She will drink it from a cup but as she wants to gulp it she spills it everywhere! Fortunately she is now back on her food as she had been not eating properly. I try all the usual things, Calpol, Calpfrofen when really in pain, teething powders & gels but nothing seems to help her.

Is/has your lo really suffered with teething? I don't care what the experts say Charlotte has had loads of pain lately and I know it's from her gums hurting. She now has 3 teeth, I'm waiting for the other top front one to pop thru, although the ones either side of these also look like they may come soon!

Do u think I should be concerned or just carry on with what I'm doing? It's getting a bit stressful as she seems to have been permanently teething since 5 months old (she's now 10 and half months).


  • It sounds like you're doing all you can for her hun, just keep it up. Maybe she will have a little break once the next few teeth come through.

    My Evie has been teething for months (she's nearly 7 months), now she's in real discomfort at times and off her bottles a bit but no teeth yet! She's waking in the night too and dribbles so much that her face is really sore. :cry: It's a really horrible time. Especially as my eldest cut most of her teeth with no problems.

  • Big hugs to you & Charlotte x

    Gabe's teething too atm - he's terrible! For the last hour I have been walking up and down with him as if I put him down or even sat down, he screams. He has the most awful cold and cough too and those teeth look like they're just about to pop through. I finally managed to get him to sleep by putting him in his car seat in front of the washing machine and rocking him!!!

  • mine only suffered for a day or so, once i knew for sure why they were in pain i was able to put a stop to it, i used teething gel and frozen bananas and never had a sleepless night with either of them after starting using these two x
  • OH just tried to feed Charlotte her bed-time milk and she was crying so bad and so upset, I thought she was going to have a fit. I'm pretty sure she is teething and it's nothing else as other times she is fine! I'd also given her Calprofen & Calgel before her bath so it had time to work but that doesn't seem to be touching it. When I put the Calgel on she winced as well. Sh'es hardly having any milk during the day - maybe 8oz at the most.
    Just don't know what to do to make her feel better. Help!!
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