any tips-sleeping through night!!!!!! PLEASE

my lil man is 4 wks old and is sleeping less and less and only 2 hr at time and mainly in day. h sleeps a bit longer when sleeps on me,but i dont sleep well like this as im to concious of him being there.
he is bottle fed now and he fights the bottle a bit as he has blocked nose and bit of cold at mo, he seems to take ages to settle after feeding too, he is a bit windy and im using infacol and that is helping.
i am keeping things quiet and dark at night and bright and loudish in day to try and introduce routine and i dont bath him in eve as he hates it along with taking vest off!! my god he screams.
he seems to be crying alot more in day now too. can anyone offer an tips/advice?


  • sorry, not too much advice to give really. I had similar problems but lo has 'grown' out of it. I did move him to his own room so he could have the bigger cot which helped him as he likes to move around a lot. He started sleeping for longer within a few days. During the day I mainly gave in and let him sleep on me. He's still often a cat napper and some days won't sleep for more tan 30 mins at a time.

    It sounds like u are doing the right things. Once his nose has cleared a bit hopefully it will get better. keep comforting him when needed. maybe try a sling so he's close to you but your hands can be free.
  • hi, i do have a lascal baby carrier that i use in day when out,mybe i use that?
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