5 nights in a row - colic or just grumbly

For the last 5 nights, Amelia has started crying at around 7pm for an hour. We've had her in the same night time routine since she was 4 weeks old (she's 11 weeks old now). Bottle and bath (or vice versa), then story and bed. She's normally in bed between 7.30 - 8.00pm and it's never been a problem before.

I don't think it's colic as she can be consoled - but does anyone have any ideas? Is she just testing us? I've tried to cut out too much stimulation before bed but that hasn't worked tonight either.


  • If you don't think it's colic. The only thing I can think of is could she be over tired? Does she nap well in the day? Does she start to flag a bit before bedtime - as you could try bringing it forward?

    It could be a phase, babies test us all the time, and change the rules all the time! :lol:

    Hope you find out what it is. xx
  • She normally naps for 90mins around 9am, an hour at lunchtime and an hour around 4-5pm. I did bring her bedtime forward by half an hour today to see if she would go down but she's now in the swing again as this helps calm her down.

    All good suggestions though - thanks. I guess I'll keep at it but it's tough as my husband and I were really enjoying having our evenings together (kept us sane). Oh well - no one ever said having a baby was easy.
  • I would agree with Mithical...if she can be consoled by rocking it might be that she is over tired. As you have said maybe bring her bed time forward to 7pm. At that age I found the 2 hour rule a good one to stick to. Although I am sure doesnt work for all babies

    Joanna x
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