Flying with a child - Bach Rescue Products?


I wonder if anyone has used these products at all with their baby. I have checked online and phoned the supplier who says the products are fine for all ages. There is a minute amount of alcohol in the product and the woman I spoke to said some parents prefer not to give it to their infant/child because of this.

My Juliet is only 11 weeks old at the moment but in May, I am taking her on my own on a long haul flight to New Zealand which involves over 30 hours travelling, door to door. I am really nervous about the flight as Juliet is not the most settled of babies (...although she will be 5months of age by then so am praying she will be more settled...) and I had heard the Bachs spray is used by some parents.

Would be really interested to know if anyone has given this to their baby; whether for a flight or otherwise and your thoughts?

Also, if anyone has done long haul flying with a baby, would love to hear any tips you might have! Sooo nervous already!!!


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