not baby related has anyone tried.........

mineral powder foundation?
i splashed out on some, im sure i must be doing it wrong coz my dressing table looks like its been tangoed when i have done it gets bloody everywhere!
its pricey at ??12.99 and im not happy about most of it ending up everywhere but my face!

hoping some of u gorgeous mummys have a better idea than me when it comes to covering the faults,lol


  • not a clue because I dont bother trying to look half decent :lol:

    Is it a brush or a spong application...? If its a brush maybe buy a small sponge to try and stop it, but other than that i dunno.
  • Hi I've been using mineral foundation for the past 18 months.

    You need to use a little kabuki brush, dip in the powder, tap off the excess, start at the cheeks and work in small circles around the face, do your eyes last when you havent got a lot left on your brush.

    If you look tangoed you may have too dark a shade?
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