Results of Davids 'uh humm' scan

Hey everyone as a few of you will know David had a bad UTI at a week old that nearly killed him image.
Thankfully however the hospital were on the ball and saved my little guy image Anyway he had a scan to see why he had the UTI to see if his kidneys werent functioning, so at 13 weeks he had the scan and it was clear, perfect!!!!
Theyve put it down to me leaking waters for 3 weeks (even though the very same hospital didnt believe me until the 3 weeks were gone after endless trips to the hospital telling them so!!)
Thankfully that means he is off his anti biotic now and no more scans on his bits!!!
Saying that he was an absolute angel! Not a peek, well except giggling at me singing the wheels on the bus lol..

Hope everyone and their LO's are well,
My husband is almost definatly dying of man fluimage lol


  • yay,so glad all is well with your wee man and his, ahem, wee man :lol:

    You can now enjoy your first Christmas together.

    Oh no not man flu!!! I have a hubby with a hangover! grrr!

  • To be fair to him hes got a pretty high temperature, but he does think he is dying... hes a whimpering mess.

    Ill men, hung over men, there all men so all annoying in some wayimage lol except our little men of course!!
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