Is It Possible...

that a tongue tie can fix itself?

i don't know if any of you remember me saying when JJ was born he had quite a bad tongue tie and didn't have much tongue movement? you can see it here...

anyway the HV said at the time to just leave it, her words were "i havent seen it" and see if it causes any problems in the future...well, the past 2 days he's been putting his tongue out quite far!! it's almost as if it's fixed itself!! has this happened to anyone else? obv it's not perfect, can still see the tie very clearly but he's suddenly gained loads of movement in his tongue!! i'm really really happy, he has a tongue!!! :lol: x


  • i think he was about 2 months old in that pic, ah how time flies!!

    ooo that's fab, he doesn't quite know what to do with it when he's eating because it's obv new to him, he keeps sticking it out and getting all frustrated with himself :lol: x
  • Hi, think it probably depends on how thick the piece of skin was that was tying it down. My lo was tongue tied, not really badly, but I asked them to check when he was born as I am slightly tongue tied and didn't want him to have problems with speech or feeding if he was. They said he was 50:50 as to whether he needed anything doing or not but that they would cut it if we wanted, so we went down to the ear nose and throat specialist at the hospital when he was about 2 days old and he cut the tie for us. I was dreading it but my little boy didn't even flinch! There was no blood or anything as apparantly it is just tissue.
    So if you are ever concerned that maybe it still isn't right don't be worried about taking him back and asking them to sort it out for you, much better to have it done while they are young. Fingers crossed it has sorted itself out though! x
  • Hiya, my son is slightly tongue tied but the health visitor said not to worry as most of the time it does sort itself out.more often than not when they start walking and moving about they fall over and it splits itself.doesnt sound very nice but apparently that is quite common!
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