Girls whats going on

What happening girls whats the just read to report thread about??? Sorry to be nosey but i am a bit wary of one person can you fill me in please xx


  • No probs sarah. The troll was back last night as 5leaf, had some very harsh comments and general nasty things to say.
    The pact between us all is to simply ignore ANY posts that it makes and report them. No comments whatsoever, just as if it was never posted.
    If you read some of the 'troll' posts on the 2nd page you will get the picture!
    It was actually quite funny last night as it was getting nowhere.
    The moderator doesn't work weekends and so I'm sure the troll will be back, if not by yet another name, but is easy to spot!

  • Is it me or did the troll give herself away unbelievably last night?? she obviously new what people looked lik?? FACEBOOK PERHAPS?? LOL and aslo referred to QUEEN BEE as zoey, now queen bee hasnt used her real name for a very long time so me is thinking that she completely gave herself away! ANYONE ELSE?? LOL
  • okies thanks, i will def ignore too some people are just so strange and perverse!!

  • I think the girl (or said person) is somebody called becki?
    I don't know as i don't add people on facebook that I don't personally know for that exact reason!
    I really don't think it is Zoey (Queen Bee) as she is lovely and has been a great help and friend to me on here since pregnancy in 2007. I think that said person is just again playing games and saying she is Zoey - apparently she did it with somebody elses name a while back.
    I guess Zoey (Queen Bee) is perhaps away.
    Why would she give herself away as Zoey?

    Who knows anyway?!

    Just carry on ignoring and then it really doesn't matter I guess!

  • Thinking about it, not a lot of people would even know that Queen bee was Zoey (although she did post that, so I'm not revealing it without her permission!) and said troll did not give the name Queen bee. just Zoey.

    Oh, I don't care! :lol:

    why am I even posting this? :lol: :lol:
  • yeah thats whhat i was saying the said troll knew zoeys name s clearly i think the said troll is who we all think it is!
  • am i totally missing something here???? whos 'the troll' ????
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