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We should be moving home next week (EEK!) to a much bigger house. Hubby has suggested writing a rota to keep on top of all the housework. At first I thought he was just being anal about it, but to be honest I'm useless at cleaning/tidying up so it makes sense. Don't get me wrong the house is clean but I will let the children bring out all their toys every day and sometimes will leave the dishes pile up until late at night. (I clean better once the kids have gone to bed).
So what are you housework routines? Any tips on making it more enjoyable. I usually have radio playing but end up dancing like mad woman with my son!

Cat xxx


  • i am also useless, i find it much easier to clean when LO is in bed or on a weekend when hubby can entertain him, i just know a rota would not be followed as LO would not let me, however much i tried!
    i usually bang on some tunes and dance around the house whilst doing it :lol: not a pretty sight or sound!!!
  • I am rubbish at housework, before LO arrived, our house was regularly a tip as me and hubby have a habbit of not seeing it! I have become better since LO arrived because I consider it part of 'my job' since I'm off work so I don't expect hubby to do any of it. I'm also better because we have a lot more people visiting now (they obviously didn't come to see us before so are only coming to see baby girl!).
    Anyways, I tend to be happy if before hubby gets home I've unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and raked the floor of any toys or junk we've had out in the day. I then get all the cleaning done once a week and it depends on what we're up to in the days. I'll either blitz it all on one day if we have a busy week, or I'll hoover 1 day, bathrooms the next etc etc depending on how sleepy LO is and what I can get done.
    I have no tips on making it more enjoyable, housework sucks! But I do like the nice clean and tidy result at the end of it.
    Good luck with the housemove, hope it all goes smoothly.
  • Hiya,

    G/C from TTC. A bit different because I haven't got children yet, but I do work full time and I'm out of the house for 10-11 hours per day. We have quite traditional roles in our house, I do all of the cooking, cleaning, ironing and washing and hubby takes care of the house and garden in terms of DIY and other jobs, cars and all that kind of thing.

    I haven't got a rota as such, I tend to have zones!! Like, Wednesday night, when hubby goes out I have an ironing night and clean the bathrooms. On a Monday, I might wash the kitchen floor and hoover the house top to bottom. It's not wholly rigid, but I only tackle certain tasks at any one time.

    Its just easier! There only two of us, and we both work so mess is minimal but the house is quite big so takes some looking after and breaking it down into small jobs just seems so much easier! And if you know you only after to hoover or dust that night when your LO goes to bed its much less daunting than thinking I have ironing, washing, dusting etc.

    I can't give you advice on enjoying it - I'm a bit sad and quite enjoy house work anyway!! Though I do skyplus a selection of my favourite TV shows to get me through the ironing (Gray's Anatomy works wonders!!).

  • I used to be totally anal about cleaning but since my toddler went into a bed he isnt sleeping as well so I've got lazy!!!

    We're like willow and I do most of the 'house' work where my oh does gardening and DIY . He does help in the house though.

    We don't wear shoes in the house which helps a LOT I can't stress that enough...And I put an old cot sheet under lo's chair and shake it into bin thn wash it. This saves on hoovering so really we only hoover downstairs 3 times a week or so , not bad with a toddler. My kitchen floor is cheap laminate that can't be mopped so I clean & dry it on hands and knees but only once a month.

    I clean the toilet and sink every other day or so just if we're upstairs ...and lo's occupied then I'll do it. The bath, well....I'm a bit lazy with that at times.

    Washing up is done as I go but my oh does the evening washing up b/c I always cook.

    Dusting once a week an d hoover upstairs once a week.

    Ironing, we take turns with on a sunday evening!

  • oh yes and I let lo cause havoc with toys as well, simply because its far too difficult to say only one toy at a time!!!
  • Thanks for your replies ladies. Housework has just dropped to the bottom of my list of priorities right now. Our buyer has just pulled out when we were supposed to be exchanging contracts today, gutted doesn't even come close!
    I will be cleaning off more than a few glasses of wine tonight!

    Cat xxx
  • I think I'm really lazy - we clean as it needs doing - we live in organised chaos - as soon as it has been tidied it seems messy again. Before I had LO I would have manic cleaning sprees but now I just dont have the time and DH pulls his weight but it also busy doing man jobs around the house so cant do anymore. I'd get a cleaner if I didnt think I'd end up spending more time tidying up before they came then it would take me to do it myself.
    On the plus point I have now rediscovered the iron after it spent 9 months in hiding....
  • So sorry to hear that - what a shame.
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