No wonder my dh sleeps so badly......

My dh is a really bad sleeper, he never 'sleeps through the night' and can find it really frustrating sometimes to not be able to get a good night sleep. Any little noise will wake him up.

At the weekend we found out that when he was a baby his parents wouldn't even talk downstairs while he was asleep upstairs. they would only whisper! So as a result any little bit of noise still wakes him up now!

So, another excuss for letting Louise nap downstairs during the day - i'm getting her used to sleeping through noises!


  • I agree, It's best to get your lo used to noise when napping/sleeping. Sometimes my oh works from home and he has to have meetings over the phone. I must admit he does sometimes wake her up but other times she'll sleep thru.
  • if they r really tired they will sleep through anything xx
  • Some lo's just never get used to noise though - I know Gabe never will, he's terrible! - We tried to have him sleep in the front room for daytime naps when he was tiny but he would NEVER sleep in there and would be awake for 12 hours straight as a newborn! We started putting him in his room and making it dark and now he naps well. However he does sleep when we're out and its noisy sooo hopefully he'll be OK!! xx

    When my younger sister was born she was a c-sec baby and my mum had to stay in hospital a week. Anyway my sis was a real screamer and as soon as mum came out of hospital she had Rosie in her room in her moses basket. But she just screamed all night so the next night she put her basket downstairs, turned the monitor off and went back to bed! She would go down to feed and change her, but otherwise, at night time she stayed downstairs and screamed, did this for months!

    This says 2 things to me...1, my sister is such an attention seeker, still! 2, I am a VERY heavy sleeper cos I had to sleep thru all that crying (I was 17 months at the time!!!)

    I dont know how mum could let her newborn scream all night but she did! Poor Rosie :cry:

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