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Hello all

Toby still wears sleepsuits for bedtime but I'd LOVE to get him some PJs for Christmas. I am worried he will get cold feet tho!!! His room is mostly 19-degrees and he wears a long sleeved sleepsuit (NO vest) and a 2.5tog sleeping bag. He also has one layer of cellular blanket on top as he is very wriggly in his cot so we tuck him in tightly to stop him waking himself up from moving so much!!!

I think some PJs would be soooo cute but I'm just worried his feet will get cold.

What do you think?

Joo xxx


  • We use pjs and have done since 8 months. Isaac's far too wriggly to get into a sleepsuit these days so much easier to slip on his jammies! We pop him in a vest and then a 2.5 sleeping bag, he's fine. And looks very cute in his pjs! You could always slip some socks on xx
  • I've bought the girls some PJs and they are really cute! I thought about their feet too and was going to put socks on them when they wear them.
    The girls' room is also about 18-20 degrees but they wear a sleepsuit, short sleeved vest and 2.5 tog Grobag so are used to being snuggly! xx
  • :lol: you should see the way we wrap Barney up at that temperature :lol: My strange son seems to really feel the cold at night, we live in a stupidly well insulated new build so it's never colder than 19 in his room. He wears: nappy (cloth) and wool cover, longsleeved vest, fleece pj's and thick welly socks, he then has his quilt over the top. He still rarely feels warm in the morning. If you are worried about Toby's feet then you can just pop socks on him, but I'm sure he'll be fine either way.
  • I always put socks on lo when he wears PJs - I always make sure they're slightly big though so he doesn't have a ridge around his ankle in the morning - although he probably doesn't have them on any longer overnight than in the day so I'm not sure why I worry about that!
  • Michael only has a long sleeved bodysuit on and a merino wool sleepingbag. He is just fine. He has a bit of cold hands, but the rest seems to be quite warm and nice.
  • Michael only has a long sleeved bodysuit on and a merino wool sleepingbag. He is just fine. He has a bit of cold hands, but the rest seems to be quite warm and nice.

    image image image :lol:
    Barney had those sleeping bags untill we changed to a quilt when he grew out of them. If I'd put him down at 19 in just a bodysuit he'd have woken up with hypothermia :lol: It's funny how different they all are isn't it?
  • I managed to get Mickey Mouse PJ's out of Asda with 'feet' in the bottom of them, like the babygrows have. He still looks very cute in them!!xx
  • i use the asda pjs for amelia they are great and she loves them sleeps better than in a babygrow
  • I love GAP for Pj's and have some gorgeous flannel ones that he looks adorable in.
    When he's wearing those I put socks on him.

    BUt I've also got some very cute pj's form Matalan that have interchangeable tops and bottoms which have feet (like sleepsuits) attached to the bottoms.

    Suz x
  • Ollie is like barney and would freeze in just a vest or gro and bag! He is currently sleeping in a long sleeved vest, babygro, sleeping bag or fleece gro then has 2 blankets on! 1 fleece and 1 cellular!
  • We easily cope in PJ's. I still have some sleepsuits but everytime he wears one he sticks his feet through the bottom by the morning.

    His room temp is between 18 and 21 and he just has PJ's and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. His feet aren't cold and he's more than warm enough at the moment.
    Finding PJ's are much easier to get on and off which is great.
  • Lily has some PJs from ASDA that have feet in them and turn ups on the cuffs for her hands. She wears them, vest and a 2.5 tog sleeing bag. xx
  • My lo likes to be cosy too, in winter we put her in fleecy sleepsuits, vests and blankets (she's just outgrown her sleeping bag). If she wear jammies, I do put socks on her (unless it v hot wether of course lol!)

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