How many oz's at 4 months? + weaning Q

Hey guys, Davids on about 25-30 ounces a day but now is drinking 4 7 oz bottles and 2/3 at night. He seems to be drinking less now however between 20-25 but is having baby rice in the morning, only a small amount, what the packet says to give when weaning. Is he still having enough milk? I havent had him weighed since weaning but hes still got wet nappies and pooey nappys, maybe not as wet as before, but still some wet nappies.


  • Sounds ok to me, Amber has started to take more now we are weaning as its stretching her tummy.

    Amber has about 25 oz roughly it does vary from day to day. She has cereal in the morning and veg puree at night sometimes a yoghurt too, I have only just introduced the 2nd meal and a pud and she is loving it!

    He should still be having lots of wet nappies, does he have water? Try and see if he will have some between feeds xx
  • millie has food but is also teething i can see her front tooth coming through! so hopefully wont be too long now so her bottles r hit and miss but she still has around 25oz normally xx
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