unusual problem

hi just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar?
my son is 11 months and has been happyin his own room since 5 months but the last two days when he goes in his cot he wails and screams especially now as he can stand up and hold the side. if i pick hi up hes fine but if i try to lower him in it starts again, i mean proper upset crying no maount of crying out possible he just wouldnt stop and i wouldnt leave him to get in a state, hes in my room in travel cot tonight and fell asleep to the tv, i dont know if hes lonely or what its really bizzarre.
not sure where to go from here was thinking maybe making a camp bed next to his cot and bringing a tv in until he gets over it...................any suggestions?:\?


  • yeah i think he is developing bad anxiety cos he was fine in my room but it doesnt help now that he can stand up with his beady little eyes crying at me, sometimes you think they are trying to get there own way, hard to tell sometimes
  • hmmm, i think he's being a rascal!!

    at this age, he is so aware of what he would be missing, that he will play you up! all 3 of mine have done it, but i stuck to my guns, and when they realise that's where they sleep, they get used to it again!

    on occasion, we have brought them back downstairs to calm down, let them get tired again, then put them back in the bed, and they've gone back off ok!

    it happens again when they go in a big bed - cos they know they can get out of it, so they do!

    i believe kids dont go to bed and stay there until they are about 16, and that's when you cannot get them up!! image
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