Please help baby stopped breathing UPDATE cry

Hi, think im gonna be sick.

Baby 6 months was asleep upstairs and thankfully ive got one of those moniters that beeps when there is no movement, anyway it just went off and when i got upstairs he wasnt breathing, picked him up and he gasped coughed and has gone back to sleep, and seems fine now.

Do babys do this or shd i get doc appointment


HI all and thanks for your replies they mean a lot

Well went to doc, it happened again and baby has been taken into hospital, but I cant stay with him :cry: :cry: as my DS is teething and screaming for me so ive had to come home, now feel sick with worry but know he is in the best place. will keep you updated thanks for your support girls i dont know what id do with out you xxDBxx

Chuffedbaby2 I only got one as lo wld never sleep on his back and it worried me putting him to sleep on his front so i thought id worry less if i had one, now i am so grateful, I know he might have started breathing on his own but it cld have just saved his life.

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  • I would make a doctors appointment to check everything is ok.
  • i would get bambino checked out.just to put your mind at rest if nothin else. it may be nothin but best to get everythin
  • yeah i would def get lo checked over and explain what happened. gosh how scary! you handled it very well i would of panciked!!! xx
  • hey,

    how about calling nhs direct - a quick way of getting some advice and hopefully some reasurrance, or how about your hv?

    how scary though, I suggest you sit down with a sugary cup of tea or coffee to help get over the shock.

    well done for reacting so quickly and making sure your lo was breathing again.

  • Thanks ladies lo seems fine now but ive just burst into tears telling nhs direct. They have told me to get a appointment with doc but they cant see him till 5.50 but he does seem ok thankfully.

    Just need my heart to stop racing


  • Oh god hun, hope you are ok?
    Thank god you had the monitor!!!
    Hope everything goes well at the docs x x x x x x
  • You must have been terrified. Glad he is ok, hope all goes well at the docs.
  • I used to do this regularly till I was 9, it was caused by enlarged tonsils and it only stopped untill they were removed.

    How scary for you, hope he is ok and it was a one off xxx
  • oh god, how scary, let us know how u get on at doctors. hope ur ok. xxx
  • You must have been so frightened. I think you did the right thing by going to the Drs, hope all has gone well.

    My mum says I did this when I was a baby. She said she just got a feeling that something wasnt right, came up to check me and I wasnt breathing either but she picked me up and screamed for dad and this brought me round. Also heard a story about my nan shaking my uncle out the window (!) because he wasnt breathing which also bought him round - obviously not suggesting you do either of these things but I think its more common than we might realise so hope this puts your mind at rest a bit.

    Again, hope alls gone well at the drs.

  • oh hun, how terrifying ((hugs))
    hope all went well at the docs
    x x
  • Hiya,

    My little one has done this a couple of times and has been undergoing tests now for months. Best to get it checked out. My lo seems to be growing out of it but some bubbas have sleep apnea.

    Good luck but don't fret too much. You have the best thing which is the monitor. If it happens again or the length of time bubba is not breathing for is longer just ring an ambulance. That is what the hospital told us. Bet your lo is like mine and comes round looking none the wiser!

    Good luck hun.
  • omg!!!...oh i think i should get one of these ,i always thought they were a bit rubbish cos my lil bro had one when he was a baby and evertime he rolled he would move off it and alarm would sound off...and we would all leg it in to find him cooing happily at us gosh if u didnt have your moniter it doesnt bare thinking what mught have been .

    i hope ure ok hunny and got on ok at the going to look at getting one of these now ...ill show oh this post 1st to make him see there worth the money

    big hugs (((()))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hope it went well at the docs, hugs to you and baby, I would have been terrified
  • Hi DB- hope lo is OK - lots of babies (& everyone else too) stop breathing for short spells when they are sleeping without any harm. Try not to worry xx
  • DB - how you feeling now? Its scarey when the monitors alarms go off, our alarms go off quite often unfortunately. Luckily when checked Zacky has always been breathing just very slowly and lightly as he has been in a deep sleep. All I do is rub his hand quite hard and he stirs. Then again Ive never had the feeling that there is something really wrong if the alarm goes off, if you know what I mean (mommy sence).

    Hope LO is OK when they see the doc.

    Have just read your update...... Im so sorry you had to leave LO in the hospital, but as you say it is the best place for them to be at the mo. Hope you get some answers soon.

    Big hug from me and Zacky.

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  • aw hun, *hugs*
    i hope lo is back home soon and u get some answers about why it happend, xxx
  • hi hunni, i really feel for you, must be awful not being at the hospital with him, but u know hes in the best place, try and get some rest so u can go c him first thing in the morning. sending u lots of hugs. xxx michelle xxx
  • Only just seeing this post now. How scary and great you had the alarm monitor. I had one for my dd and still used it till she went into her bed. I do not have it now as twins are in same cot so it would only give a false sense of security. Hope all is ok - keep us informed x
  • big hugs hun, hes in the best place. Hope all works out well xx xx
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