sleep help please

cameron is teething, he's really fed up and obviously sore.
anyway last night when he went to bed he slept for 20 mins then woke up and got reeeaallly upset and was sick in his cot so i had to get him up. tonight he's slept for half an hour and is up again crying. he has his dummy and his blankee and i jsut dont know what to do! i dont want to get him up cos i dont want to teach him bad habits but he's obviously distressed!!
what should i do??
feel awful listening to him cry!


  • Oh poor thing, have you tried giving him some calpol? I try and avoid using it but when my little girl's teething gets really bad i give her half a dose (2.5ml) give her a cuddle and put her back to bed. That seems to work for us.
  • he's had calpol 2 hours before bed and nurofen just before bed cos the hv said i could use both together! typical oh is on lates this week so im struggling on my own!!
    iv had him up for a bit and when he settled i put him back down but he's just crying constantly now!
  • It's awful when you have to deal with these things on your own. Does he usually sleep well?
    When my little girl was really bad i rocked her to sleep, other than that i'm no use to you i'm afraid image
  • he is normally a wonderful sleeper...thats why im so stuck as to what to do! lol!
    he seems to have settled, thank god! oh is on his way home now so im going to have a large glass of wine
    he just seems in so much pain, i wish i could do something!
  • get him up! I get Gabe up if he won't settle and if he's ill he comes in my bed. Doesnt make a difference to his sleep when he gets better ... and less hassle for mexxx
  • Do what you feel comfortable doing. I am terrible for doing the 'bad' things. In fact Frankie has a bad cold so dh is blowing up the airbed and im sleeping in her room so she sleeps better. Also good for me cos i get up every time i hear her cough on the monitor.

    Some cuddles wont hurt!! (although if you are still cuddling him to sleep in 10 years dont blame me lol)
  • Hi hun,
    I would be up there with him maybe not talking too much but as Katie says lights off, quiet andspecial mummy cuddles for comfort.
    Poor little things teething is so horrible just wish we could do more. Hope he settles soon hun x
  • It's really heartbreaking to see them in so much pain and be totally powerless to do anything about it.
    I agree with Katie if he's in a good routine anyway a few night's being cuddled to sleep won't do any harm.
  • Teething can be such a nightmare! I found that rubbing Dylan's gums with Anbesol liquid & using Nelsons teetha powder really really helped in settle. They were recommended by HV & pharmacist, and can be used together.
    Know what you mean about not wanting to get in bad habits, so think you just got to go with your instincts. I've just tried to comfort Dylan back to sleep, but in his cot in his room.
    Hope Camerons teeth are through asap!
    Sarah xx
  • he has settled but been awake a few times for a little cry but gone back off with his dummy. i just feel so bad for him. I got him up last night after he'd been sick but didnt want to do it 2 nights in a row so just got him up in his room and put him back down when he quitened. he has gone off now so hopefully he will have a good sleep now! i cant really fetch him in bed with us in the night because he likes to hit mummy and daddy util they play with him! lol!
    he wont even let us near his mouth to put any gel on, im going to get some anbesol cos someone else mentioned that.
    my poorly little man! thanks girls
  • Have you tried calpol or teething gel.
    with my older two i also gave them frozen bananas to chew on before bed and it always worked great
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