No more naptime?

Right......back to what this forum is actually for. Advice on babies. Yes I know Charlotte is actually a toddler and have posted in there too but this forum is busier (esp today lol)!:roll:

Charlotte is 19 and half months old now. She has about an hour and half nap tops in the day. Normally from about 1.30pm until 3pm. I never let her sleep after 3pm. Sometimes she only has an hour but never longer than I said before. When I wake her from her nap (I always have to otherwise she would sleep for 2 hours) she is always grumpy and cries for a little while.

She has a bath at 7pm (after having milk). She is in bed (cotbed with sides taken off) at around 7.20pm. When she's had a nap in the day it can take her quite a while to go to sleep. She will get out of bed a few times. Sometimes I put her back in, others I ignore her and she will eventually get back in bed. It can take about an hour sometimes for her to fall asleep (rare occassions even longer). So I don't get any proper relax time until about 8.30-9pm.

Most times, if she hasn't had a nap in the day she will go to sleep straight away (like last night).

So my question is - do I ditch daytime naps?

I'm on my own in the week with her so I like her to have a nap in the day for me as well as for her so I can have a break and she can have a rest (she falls to sleep straight away at nap times). But as I said she takes longer to go to sleep at night then so I lose free time in the evening anyway. I know sleep is important for them so don't want to over-tire her during the day. She has just this weekend started walking independently and I'm hoping she will wear herself out more. Although I'm not sure if this developmental phase is making her a bit more hyper?

I really don't know what to do for best. I thought maybe I could do one day nap one day no nap and see how that happens then phase it out slowly. Do you think that might work?

Any advice appreciated x ;\)


  • ohhhh goodness hard one. Max still needs his daytime nap (as do I like you say) but he goes to bed the same time as your lo and is out for the count straight away but he is on the go walking ALL the time so this may get her more tired too.

    No advice sorry but thinking of you!
  • Yeah I'm hoping once she's walking a lot more confidently she will tire herself out more - but then she'll need a nap!

    Oh I don't know what to do! Can still hear her moving around upstairs now!
  • My little boy used to be the same. He would nap from between 2 and 3.30 and then not be tired til about 9.30pm so I got no evening to myself. But he stopped having naps by himself when he turned 2 and now is in bed by 7 and goes to sleep SO quickly! Hope this is helpful xx
  • I'll probably leave it until she is walking a lot more confidently and see what happens then.

    Saying that she walked all the way from our living room window into the utility room today which was quite far for her. Was so proud of her!
  • she'll be off and running now - once they start they keep up and pick up more so quickly image
  • daniel is nearly 2 1/2 and he still has a nap time and he has 2 hours but he is starting to not sleep so iam thinking of knocking his nap time off,i would still put her down and leave her for a bit and if she hasnt fallen a sleep with in 30mins then bring her back down and at least you have had a break,or if she does go to sleep cut it back,when daniel doesnt sleep i leave him for a hour so i can also get a break unless he screams the house down :lol:

  • daisy has to have a nap there is no way she can get through the day. if i need to get on with stuff and go out in the morning she will fall asleep in the car on the way home anyway. she has about hour and half about 1130 now or later if im out. on the rare occassion where she has had no nap or just 20 mins in car or something she is so tired and miserable i think its cruel she also wont eat properly when tired. i never get to sit down before 9 daisy goes bed at 8 she takes about 20 mins half hour sometimes and thats fine it can take me that long sometimes its rare i get into bed and fall straight to sleep. she may very well become more tired when she is walking and running only time will tell but i think she has done so well with the cot bed thing. x
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