pooing my pants!!!!

not literally! lol

i am posting in here coz toddler is a bit quiet this morning! hope u and the babies are all well!!

i am so scared i am starting parentzone classes this afternoon to learn how to deal with brookes behavious ( not that she is naughty) but when the new baby comes and that how to cope with the 2 of them.. im not really sure what it entails but my HV recomended it.

BUT i have to leave brooke in a creche i cant bear the thought of leaving her with strangers it terrifies me! what if the other kids pick on her or she isnt happy there! i will feel awful if she gets upset. i really dont want to go and am having serious 2nd thoughts about going. i have never left her with people i dont know i barely leave her with people i do know!

i cling to her more than she clings to me i know that, what can i do? is there an easy way to beat this?
god i wanna cry at the thought of leaving her!! she is 18 months.

i know deep down she will prob have a wail of a time and not realise im gone but i worry about what they are gong to do etc i wanna be a fly on the wall so i can see her the whole time.
will they tell me if she does get upset will they give her her juice if she wants it! i dont know!!

please help!!


  • I went to parenting classes after having Lauren and they were great. I really think that everyone should be offered them as they make you look at parenting in a totally different light. So please do go as hopefully you'll get as much out of them as I did.
    Dont worry about leaving her, as you said she'll probably have a great time and its harder for you to leave her then her to leave you. The staff will be fully trained and have chosen to do that job because they like kids. I dont think at that age you need worry about the other kids picking n her, they dont really know how to then and they'll be plenty of kids for her to choose who to play with.

    Try to enjoy your time away from her, its lovley picking them up after leaving them, I think you appreciate them more then. Good luck, let us know if you get any words of wisdom from the class.

  • hey,

    How about writing down all the things you want them to know to give to them. Then you can leave her knowing that you've passed on all info.

    Make sure your mobile phone number (I presume you have one) is on it and let them know that they should call you if needed and you will come straight back.

    They will have other children to care for and will not want to have your child crying the whole time as it will take up 1 member of staff and can cause other children to be upset so they really should call you.

    The staff will be used to having children who need help settling in to a new envirinment and will have lots of tricks to help her.

    I'm sure other children wont pick on her as at that age they tend to just play alongside each other or watch each other.

    How long are you leaving her for?

    Hope this helps?

    And just think of all the tips you can pick up to pass on to the rest of us!

  • yeah i know im hoping i will learn alot to share with u all!! they are 2 hours long the creche is in the same building as the class and they have said they will call us out if any problem. its a 7 week course! xx
  • As it's in the same building then try to reassure yourself that your are not really that far away. You'll probably find that all the other parents on the course will be feeling the same as you!
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