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injections, the goverment is gettting stupid!

i feel pressured into giving my daughter the 5 in 1 jab at 8 wks. i DO not believe in all these injections,as it is my reglian not to get these. they do not give singe dose of tetanus now adays which i think is stupid. i pay national insurance for what!!!!
does anyone no if i can get tetanus privately. i will pay. i am reallly mad


  • tbh I don't think the government is stupid at all! the injections are there to save babies/children & adults lives!! It's all to easy to forget what theses illnesses can do to young babies & children. imo... I don't think it's against any parents religion to do what they can to protect their baby.... To answer your question though I'd ask for recommendation from your GP or have a look on google to see what it's your local area.
  • i agree with wenders, personally i give my children all injections, they dont just give out injections for no reason, i would rather my kids get jabs than the illnesses, but it is up to the parents but you do have to think of your child.
  • I agree with Wenders and Chucky, the diseses these jabs protect against are serious and can kill or permenantly disable. Its not nice when they have the jab but it is over so quickly, much better than months of whooping cough or a life time of polio. You probably can get the jabs seperately, but just think how many jabs that would be!
  • I am living out of UK and my son is getting the same thing but personally, I don't see any problem..its better as he doesnt have to get too many shots! the poor baby scream only once and like everyone else, I do believe that this shots are for the good of our loves one.

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  • the thing is, is 3 members on my family had whooping cough, days after being injected, thats the only reasoni dont want it and also, a lil boy died only the other month, days after having the polio jab. if i did give my daughter the 8wks jab and she does come down with whooping cough, i would never forgive myself. and also its my husband beliefs of NO INJECTIONS. i my self am only covered with polio and tetanus, i have never been seriosuly ill.
  • Do what you think is best for you & your child. Everyone can have an opinion for & against but its your decision ultimately. Best of luck***
  • my baby has had her 1st and 2nd jabs, 3rd next week. she was a little grumbly after but she is also teething at the mo so nothing unsual there!!!
    i realise its such a big issue but the bottom line is i do not want my baby to die of something which is preventable. last year where i live there was a measles outbreak, because there was a group of parents who had not had the mmr (for there babies obviously!) a child died.
    i work in a chemist and obviously i was pregnant at the time and we had parents bringing kids in who had or suspected measles!!!!!!!!! hello im pregnant!
    i just think it isnt your own childs health you have to consider when deciding wether to have the jabs or not! you have to do whats best for everyone.
  • I know this is an extremely emotive subject but it is a subject I feel very strongly about. I completely agree with Susie. We have vaccination programmes to prevent outbreaks of diseases and illnesses that could potentially seriously harm your child or at worst kill! Smallpox used to kill thousands but through vaccination programmes it has been eradicted. At the end of the day if a certain number of parents choose not to vaccinate their children then it can lead to an outbreak which can have disastrous consequences - for what because you think a few potentially life saving jabs are harming your child!... Then you get the attitude of some parents who don't vaccinate their children as they rely on other parents vacinating their children, hence avoiding an outbreak. I had the measles, mumps etc vaccines when I was little and you know what I still caught the mumps AND measles but the fact is that I ended up with a really mild version of the illness, if I hadn't had the vaccines then who knows what it might have done. Susie that is horrible that you were exposed to cases of suspected measles, when my mum thought I had the measles, she took me to the doctors and before taking me in spoke to the receptionist explaining that she thought I had the measles and she didn't want to bring me into the waiting room in case there were any pregnant women there. I ended up coming in through the fire escape lol! If I have offended anyone I'm sorry (well actually I'm probably not as I feel that strongly) but at the end of the day it is not just about the individual child whose parent decides not to vaccinate, it is about the potential knock on effects of that failure to vaccinate. Right I've had my say now. Sarah xx
  • but i now feel is just the whoopin cough i have declined, due to having family members get it daysafter the vaccine
  • Hi Joey, don't feel pressured but do get more advice and info. The girls are right in that the vaccination programme is safe but thats hard to believe if you've got personal experience telling you otherwise. However if you think about it - your family members must have caught whooping cough before the injections and not from the injection as incubation period (from when you are exposed to the germ to when symptoms appear) is 6-20 days.
    I constantly receive info and research findings through my job and I am taking Tom for his 1st jabs next week
    Hope this helps.
  • hi joey.. Don't feel pressured into something but do get your facts right about statisics etc before saying no to it... how long ago was it that your family members had the jabs? was it recently? Vaccincation ingredients do change over the years so won't be effected the same way? have a look at this though from glasgow uni research.... It says that fatalities are only occasional and that there were only 1:1,500,000 babies at risk. The fact that you've not been ill just means you've been lucky and been protected by the rest the population being vaccinated. good luck to what ever you decide... xxx
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