I know who my BE Secret Santa is!!!

I have opened the card that came with my prezzie and worked my way through loads of posts and, after quite a bit of searching, I know who mine is! image

Anyone else worked their BESS out yet?



  • Yep! I had to go and find the introducing ourselves thread, but I've worked mine out as well
  • im so jealous, parcel came for me today but i was out. going to pick it up tomorrow. must be my ss pressie cos i aint ordered anything for ages.

    kerry xxx
  • It took me ages to find a post by my BESS, and has checked loads of other contenders first, but once I found 1 post by her that was it... image

    If anyone else can't work theirs out let me know cause I enjoyed my detective work!!! :lol:

  • i can not wait to get mine
  • are we gonna put who we think it is now, and then find out on december 2nd if we were right?

    kerry xxx
  • I don't know, I think we should ask S.Y. as she was good enough to organise it.

    He he, I'm all giggley & silly at my own post, what a wally!!! :roll: :lol:

  • i know i am such a big kid when it comes to christmas, wanted hubby to take me straight to post depot but he had to go to work. i was so annoyed. dont know how im gonna control myself untill 2nd of next month!

    kerry xxx
  • Oh Kerry how on earth are you going to make it until the real Christmas?!! :lol:

    Bless you hon, I hope you enjoy you're prezzie when you get your hands on it!

  • seriously every year i wait up untill 12 midnight to open my pressies,hubby wont let me open them any sooner.

    Kerry xxx
  • ur all making me jealous, i haven't got mine yet lol! x

  • I hope you have a lovely christmas!

    My hubby is a nightmare where presents are concerned! He has to shake and feel everything, trying to guess what's inside th wrapping! :roll:

    He once had a look at my bank statements to see if I'd used my debit card for any prezzies, which I had...at a jewellers, where I'd bought him a watch! image

    All I heard until Xmas day was "You've got me a watch haven't you?" and on Xmas day "I knew you had"!!!! :lol:

  • Thanks Bedhead for bumping up the reintroducing ourselves topic - I think I know who mine is now too!!!! So exciting!
  • stop it its not fair lol i cant join in yet image
  • :lol:

    you can open the cards that ccontain the clues, but not the pressies - at least not until everyone has got them! image

    Still not heard from a couple of people so am chasing them as fast as I can... (am out of puff though being 5 month preg and chasin ENT specialists and gps too though, :lol: )

    2nd of Dec for opening them (not long to wait now!) and I think we'd agreed afternoon was best for people?

    Say about 2pm ish? Or later?

    I'll start a thread the day before (ish) so we can all say who we think our SS is and we can guess then... Until then SHHHH! :lol:


  • i know who mine is.

  • I know who mine is, I think

    Kerry xxx
  • i'm sure i've worked out my sender - seemed to be quite an easy clue!! i'll prob have egg on my face when i guess and i'm wrong!!
  • I carefully prised away the card from the pressie last night and I'm pretty sure I know who my sender is too.
  • Ooo i've just got mine haven't opened it but nooo clues on the out side? lol so excited tee hee hee! x
  • Mine arrived 2 days ago but i was in bed and ive had a stinking cold so couldnt pick it image Cant wait to read the clues....im such a big kid, im so excited!! xxx
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