Fussy eater!

Hi everyone,

Despite my very best efforts when weaning Ruby to go by the book she seems to have become a very fussy eater!! I used to make all her meals myself but she has had mostly jar food over the past few weeks as been away visiting family etc, and now she wont touch the food I make for her! She'll wolf down anything in a jar though!

Does anyone have any advice?

She's 9 months.

Do I just go cold turkey and if she doesn't like what I give her then she goes hungry?
Soooo don't know what to do!

Please help me out girls, she's becoming such a little madam! xx


  • Thanks Zoey,

    I'd rather she ate fresh food but not against jars really, just didn't want her to have them every day.
    Also at ??1 (for the 10m+) each it's too expensive!! xx
  • Thanks Zoey,

    That's a great idea, I could mix fresh with jars and gradually use less from the jar.

    Thank you for replying Lea Pea, I think i'll go cold turkey for a few days and if she doesn't eat anything then i'll do what Zoey suggested.

    What a nightmare!!!
  • hi amy daisy is reall fussy too and its hit and miss as too what she will eat sometimes she will eat it next day she wont. i allways keep some mashed sweet potato in and mix it with afew spoons from jar if im struggling to get her to eat anything fresh of mine. she will have a go at any finger foods and ate a whole poached egg for lunch but wont eat some lumpy foods she has a third of a jar of 7 months food so praps try mixing yours with a bit from jar . to be honest my daughter is a drama queen about anything so i try not to get stressed aboutr what she eats she has loads of fresh fruit and she putting on weight and i dont knowabout ruby but daisy turned really independant since learning to crawl and she is really showing it at meal times now.
  • Hi Westbrom,

    Yes Ruby is also becoming very independent, it started with wanting to hold her own bottle a while ago but maybe I should think about teaching her to feed herself,maybe she would eat more then?!

    Oh I don't know!!

    Just when I thought i'd cracked it!

    Is anyone else struggling with things around the 9/10 month mark?

    I seem to be trying soooo hard but feel like i'm not getting anywhere, or shouldn't bother!

    I managed to wean her off her dummy during the day at 6 months which I was really chuffed about, and had her drinking water from a beaker at 6 months, sleeping 7 till 7 etc. But since visiting the in laws I thinking i'm pushing her too much and should just let her be a baby.

    Everything seems to be a battle so wondering if they're right.

    Ruby has started to not drink from her beaker and they said I should give juice instead of water and in a bottle instead of a beaker and worry about the beaker when she's older.

    I try so hard to be the perfect Mummy! :roll:

  • millie is the oppsite! will only eat home made food, i went to cornwall for xmas to my mums and got some jar and packet stuff and she wouldnt eat any of it, i tried it at home too and none! have to say she will eat choc pudding though!!
  • Dont listen to your inlaws you are doing everything right. i got daisy to drink from a beaker at 6 months but she is back drinking juice from a bottle cus she has tantrums and wont eat unless she is drinking and just throws her cup or sucks it and lets it pour out her mouth. its not the right way to go at all but i want to tackle our eating problem first daisy has been on fresh oj diluted with water from 4 months for her constipation so wont drink water so i worry about her teeth now. of course we want to be perfect mummies and how can you push a baby of amy age too much she will do what she wants to do. daisy is nearly walking but from 4 months has been v strong at standing but im not pushing her if anything i dont want her too yet. and my god if you want to see battles come to my house and watch me try to change a nappy its frightening i just cant do it on my own anymore. Lee has been off for 3 weeks god help me on monday. And if we are out i have no chance!! I def think its their age babe but god cant believe i used to moan about her when she was 3 or 4 months she was so easy then!!!! Oh and daisy is up every hour still through night xxx
  • Hi ya sweet, i would do exactly what zoey suggested i had it with macey when she was very young. I only fed jars when macey was 6 months when i was weaning cos i couldnt be bithered and couldnt get it to the right consistency so when i tried on my food she wouldnt touch it! I gradually added home made food mixed with jar food start with a bit and then just add until she likes your food. It worked for me and now she only has 1 jar a week on a friday cos my mum looks after her.

    Theres def something about jar food though think its the taste of it and its very strong compared to our food and tasty and babies like quite strong food.

    Hope this helps xx
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