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Raspberry leaf tea

Im 28 weeks pregnant and will start having raspberry leaf tea when I hit 32 weeks as I have heard it helps with labour and speeds things up etc

Did any of you drink this tea before labour and did you think it helped? Did it speed your labour up? How much of it were you drinking? Is it worth it?




  • hey hun,

    i drank loads of the stuff and took the tablets. i found it didn't help one bit. I went 10 days over and was in labour for 2 days.

    Sorry i cant give you better news. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy
  • Hi,

    Congratulations!! I think it's quite hard to tell whether it helps. I had a c-sect with my 1st, she was breech and my waters broke 10 days early. With my 2nd I drank loats of raspberry leaf tea as I wanted a vbac. Again my waters broke 10 days early but I did have a fairly quick labour - roughly 6 hours in labour and pushed for about half an hour. I don't know if the tea helped as I've nothing to compare it to. Some ladies have long births and some don't. I don't think giving it a go will do any harm anyway! xx
  • I used it with my first and don't think it did anything, I went 10 days over and was in labour for 30 hours before having my son by forceps! However it hasn't stopped my taking the tablets again this time!!!! Can't do any harm! xxx
  • hi hun, it doesn't bring labour on but speeds up the second stage (the pushing bit). I took a mixture of the tablets and the tea, i actually liked the tea, from about 34 weeks. I can't say if it helped but i was only pushing for 44 mins (first labour) which is quite quick, can't hurt to try it
  • HI im 39 weeks due this thursday with first baby.. and only just really started taking the tablets i was told that i could make tea with the tablets and that it was stronger than just the tea. Ant got a clue if it will help but everyone differant. I think its best to try anything that dont involve drugs to help through labour even though i will prob end up giving into everything..... its all very scary image
  • Hi hun,

    I also drank raspberry leaf tea & I went 11 days over & was in labour for around 62 hours ( I've never actually counted it up!!) so I can't say it helped me too much :lol:

    Good Luck!

  • I didn't take it first time round, I was in labour for about 14 hours and pushing for nearly 2 hours before she was delivered with forceps (she was back to back though.
    2nd time round I drank gallons of tea and took the capsules, I was in establised labour for 1 1/2 hours and pushing for jsut 12 mins.
    If I had another I would DEFINITELY take the rasberry leaf again!
  • on my first pregnancy i started taken it at 33wks then i read you should take it later in pregnancy so i stopped,at 35wks my waters started leaking and i found out i was 3-4cm dialated so they popped my waters so from start to finish my labour was 4 1/2 hours,i didnt take it on my second pregnancy as i went in to labour at 31wks :lol:

  • didnt help with inducing me as i was a week late but it strengthened my uterus and made the braxtons stronger. i gave birth to a 12lb 2 0z boy in three big pushes and no yes NO stitches x
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