Ideas for snacks (1yo)

I have a one year old boy and am looking for some ideas for different snacks for him. I just like him to have a wide variety of foods

His current likes include:
Kiwi, apple, banana, pear, custard, creamed rice, yogurt, jelly, crackers, grapes

things he has tried and doesn't like are:

raisins, dried friut, cheese

I just don't want him to get bored because he does snack a lot and I find he tends to get the sam ethings a lot


  • my lo also likes nutri gran bars and i also make home made biscuits and cakes for my lo to snack on as i know what has gone into them so they are nice and healthy. xx
  • My son loves, pancakes, bread sticks, blueberries, soft dried apricots, organix rice cakes (orange, apple and plain) yoghurt coated fruit, fruit bars, Ella's Kitchen pouches, Goodies crisps (herb and tomato ones) The sweetcorn ring crisps, the carrot stick crisps. x
  • Forgot to mention his fav is red and green grapes, but make sure you slice them in half cos if a child chokes on them the skin on the grape make it practically impossible to bring back up!!!

    He also LOVES bananas but they make him hyper :lol:
  • oh and toast, the laughing cow dippers (breadsticks and soft cheese) Cheerios (dry, Muller Little Star jelly....... Oh i could go on and on...... :lol:
  • Thanks for the replies- I have seen the ellas kitchen stuff in tescos before but had never tried it. Also I thought Nutri grain bars had quite a lot of sugar in them so I have never tried those.

    I ordered some bits today from tescos and got him a few treats its just so hard to not give the same stuff all the time!
  • Things that haven't been mentioned yet:
    toast, any fruit, rice pudding, baby biscuit, crumpets, english muffins toasted, scotch pancake toasted, The organix cereal bars, ummmmmmmmmmm - dunno I get stuck too but I don't think it matters he shows no sign of getting bored and I have the same kind of snacks most days and I don't get bored!
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