You know the romance has gone when ......

The kids are fast asleep, the dog has been walked and what do the pair of you do???

Watch 70's and 80's kids tv programmes on youtube!!!

Thank god I can keep popping over here to keep me sane hahahaha

How do you know when the romance has gone?????



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  • erm when the socks r left on and a wee break is needed! lol
  • When your reply is "if you are quick and quiet"

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • When he tries it on and you pretend your asleep.

    when you suggest an early night....and you both go to bed with a pint of ribena each, House Season 4 and a box of ferrero Rocher!


  • yep, ilovemygeek, are you sure your oh doesnt live a double life at my house?
    i am sat on one couch with laptop, oh is on his couch on his xbox. in a year or so we have worked our way through 6 seasons of 24, 4 seasons of lost, 3 prison break, 4 house, 8 buffy the vampire slayer, 3 supernatural, 3 bones!! & chuck and reaper we are telly box-set addicts!! we had a nasty habit of getting in bed with a full cheesecake when i was prg!! oh the things you admit to!! haha!
  • When your oh offers (during wee ones nap)

    "Do you fancy a quickie or shall I put the kettle on?"

    And you reply

    "I'd love a cuppa"


    .......this is a true quote, and fairly regular in our house!!
  • With us its CSI, CSI Miami and now CSI New York!!

    gets to the point where we are talking to each other about gsr etc etc!!!!

  • we bought OZ but havent really gotten into it. its no prison break thats for sure! have you watched Bones? its brill!! x
  • grr lost my post!
    stupidly told my oh about this post and now he's complaining that im "telling people on the internet that the romance has gone"...i think the romance has gone for tonight! lol!!

  • We were sending dd off to bed the other night and she asked why we were in such a hurry to get her off (think 24 or ER was coming on!) and she asked "why do you want to get rid of me, do you want some sexy time" (not sure when she heard us using that phrase!!) I was blushing away but oh turned around and said "dont be silly Lauren we're married" !!!!!
  • when your OH is playing Xbox on the telly & you are watching telly on the P.C :lol: (and checking in on BE!) :lol:
  • haha when in the middle of the night and were both promising sexual favours, if they get up with jayden lol he usullay ends up going and NOT getting the favour lol he will never learn......
  • oh goes to the pub and comes home and goes straight to bed and snores xxxx
  • You lot!!! :lol:

    I can't think of any cause last night after Faye went to bed we sat on the sofa and snogged each others faces off like we were first married again image (but thats where it stopped, urgh still can't face the thought :cry: )
  • this is so funny. i can relate with listef and ilovemygeek - the pint of ribena - haha, thats us all over!! And me with a full packet of oreo's and hubby with a few mars bars. in bed watching shameless or such like!
  • When you don't put your book down....
  • lol
    * when your oh says do you fancy a quicky and you reply " ok but after my programs finished"

    * when your oh run into the room does a huge fart then waves his hand to waft it your way and shouts " smell my fluffs"

    both the above happen quit often in our house.x.
  • PMSL this is too funny.

    When you decide not to buy each other a Christmas present as it's a waste of money and you'll buy something for the house instead!

    Or you're reclining in bed and they're on the edge clipping their toenails - bleugh.

    Oh I could go on........xx
  • lol you lot are hysterical!

    When an early night means you are asleep by 9.30!

  • Failing that after Lily goes to bed both OH sit on our laptops and bearly speak until one of us decides to go to bed!x

    Lol I love my Geek - that is just like me and hubby. Infact he is on one sofa with his laptop now and I'm on the other sofa with mine!

  • LMAO!! hahaha I never saw this! Lee I've gotta bump this coz its tooo funny to leave it xx
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