9 month old baby and SLEEP

Hi all...i am searching for any advice or help any one can offer! Since my daughter was 3 months old she began sleeping in our bed, this came about from a visit to the doctor - she was unwell with a cold and bad congestion - the doctor advised us to let her sleep upright to allow her to breathe properly in the night, i explained we didnt have anything to enable her to do this so he told us to sleep with her, so she oculd sleep on our chest or in what ever position that would have her in an upright position. As first time parents we didnt see the probelm with this so thats what we done. Well it s now 5 months later and she is still in our bed. We had such trouble trying to get her back in a moses basket and then cot - literally she would and still will scream for ages until we pick her up. Now we have tried controlled crying, where we went in and out the room every few minutes to settle her and so on and yet she continued to scream. She has clearly gotten very used to sleeping with mummy and daddy! Which is okay with us, but i worry about her sleep - she still doesnt go through the night. She wakes up once in the early morning, probably around 1-2 for a little stir then goes back to sleep til about 4am where i either feed her straight away and she goes back to sleep til 7.30am or i dont feed her and rock, soothe her for about one and a half hours til she falls back to sleep!! She just cant self settle at all, no matter what i try..she will just cry. Im not prepared to let her cry it out anymore. She was breastfed til 7 months so i dont know if she is just very used to waking up for comfort. Anyway, its becoming a bit of a strain on my other half as he is getting less sleep each night as am i. I must point out she is not an unahppy tired baby during the day in any way whatsoever...she is just so happy and confident all the time.

Has anyone got any advice on how i can teach her to sleep better? Are there any other co sleepers out there with great sleeping babies? Any help will be very much appreciated. image


  • How does she get to sleep for her daytime naps and where does she sleep for those?
  • I have to rock her to sleep then lay her in her cot when she is in a deep sleep - she then goes for 40 minutes (she always, always wakes after 40 minutes when in her cot!!) then i go up settle her by picking her up ( she will not let me just stroke her back or anything, she just rolls on her front and stands up!) in the morning i get her up after 40 mins, in the afternoon i rock her back to sleep so she goes for another 1 hour or so, just so she gets enough day time sleep. It seems to me that when she comes into a light sleep and stirs she realises she is in her cot and wakes herself up.
  • to be honest, she is getting worse - its becoming a struggle for her to even fall asleep in the pram.
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